Mask mandates being lifted

Governor Mike Dewine announced that he will lift the mask mandate once Ohio reaches 50 cases per 100,000. K-12 school buildings, vaccination and testing sites, and all state buildings will still require masks. He was influenced by Republican lawmakers to make this decision.

¨It is past time to allow Ohioans to choose for themselves whether or not to wear a mask,¨ said Jena Powell in a letter to Dewine. Statements like this influenced his decision. Without the pressure from republican lawmakers, he might not have decided to set a requirement to lift it.

On March 25th, we were at 145 cases per 100,000, but that number is constantly declining every week. When Dewine first announced he was removing the mask mandate the number was at 179 cases per 100,000.

As of April 6th, we are at 167 cases per 100k. This increase in the numbers shows that we need to keep the mask mandate in place for the time being. This is an increase of 22 cases per 100k.

Indiana has recently lifted their statewide mandate, which will take effect April 6th. Along with the mask mandate being lifted, remaining Covid-19 business restrictions will be lifted as well.

The governor said, “When I visit my favorite restaurants or conduct a public event, I will continue to appropriately wear a mask,”

By the governor saying this he is making it a point that he wants people to still wear masks, but it isn’t a requirement. Governor Dewine will most likely do the same thing when he does eventually lift the mask mandate.