Are we too “sensitive”? – Yes

Are we as humans too sensitive? In my opinion yes, this does not go for all people but a vast majority of people are too sensitive to “take a joke” in my opinion. I feel this way because it is hard to say what you want to say. Not that you should be able to say anything and not feel the consequences. But now you are criticized for it.

“In the schooling system for example, teachers and educators used to be able to teach with very little regard to feeling when teaching.” This is just one example of many that they had listed. “As a society, we used to watch shows that were considered offensive all the time. nobody said anything about it. Now if something comes up in a show, by a person or a song, people go crazy, and will call on cancel culture” According to

Not only are people sensitive, I feel that in a way, the sensitivity is leading youth to have to fit in a certain way. They have categorized themselves into “groups” or “types” of people. With Cancel Culture being one of the best examples I could think of, this is a major problem not only with sensitivity of people but a privacy issue. With the media everywhere these days you always have to watch what you say, especially if you are a celebrity.

With the topic of us all being the same, said, “But we aren’t all the same, God created us differently. The trick is to uncover each person’s skill and encourage them. Instead of not letting one person have respect for their skill just because the other person or people do not have the same skill.
Are we too sensitive as a society? In my opinion yes, it is perfectly okay if you have a different opinion, that is why it’s an “opinion” not a fact.