Beauty and the Beast 2.0


As most schools do, FHS is planning their spring musical. The difference is this is the second year in a row that FHS is presenting Beauty and the Beast. Last year the production was shut down a week before their opening night due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s classic movies and the most common musical to do. But because of the state of the world COVID has to ruin everything. How will COVID ruin this well it won’t be that bad actually.

The Play is on April 8 – 11 and it is directed by Mr. Cantrell. So all the anti-COVID procontions are social distancing, people rehearse with mask one, the auditorium can hold 750 people but with COVID that’s going to have to be bumped down and by a lot. Also of course being COVID masks, lots of masks.

“There are only 192 tickets available for each performance.” director Mr. Cantrell.

But who will be going to the musical? Mostly parents of the actors. But who else will be going to the Musical? Well who doesn’t love theatre. It attracts all types of people, family friends, students and the teachers would enjoy it too.

“I’m going to try to go, yeah. I love Beauty and the Beast” says sophomore Demitrious Kaufman

What is it like to be performing on the stage and how do people practice? The cast does reserals after school for a set schedule and the schedule becomes more of a daily thing as time gets closer to opening night.

“We practice on Wednesday for principle, choreography on sundays, tech saturday which is optional, and finally. chorus on tuesday and thursdays ” says senior Bailey Oldaker.

The original Beauty and the Beast came out in 1994, but it has become a tradition for schools to do it for a musical. And most people are very excited for the opening night. Even with COVID around the show will still go on no matter what virus is destroying the world.