Blue & Gold Podcast Preview


Blue & Gold is consistently posting new stories on the website, but now they are introducing a new form of entertainment. The Blue & Gold website will soon be filled with new podcasts, hosted by FHS students.

“There will be four podcasts, each hosted by a small group of students involved in Blue & Gold. The podcasts are going to cover everything from sports to music and there’s something for everyone.” says senior Kaiya Ortiz.

Podcasts have been growing more in popularity over the last few years. You can find podcasts on almost every streaming platform and Blue & Gold wanted to cover things highschoolers find interesting in a way that was growing in popularity.

“Almost everybody listens or has listened to a podcast, so I was really excited to get the opportunity to make one specifically for FHS students.” Ortiz says.

Each podcast will be hosted by an FHS student, some will be hosted by more than one student. The hosts were in charge of writing the podcast and producing it.

“There are a lot of things that go into creating a podcast, not only do you have to come up with an idea you can make multiple episodes off of, you have to find materials that let you record and publish it. Then you have to write episodes and record it.” says.
There will be a sports podcast hosted by Grant and Reed Warner and AJ Griffith.

“The podcast is about covering current sports news.” senior Reed Warner says.

There will be a music podcast called, “The Story Behind the Song,” hosted by Holly Spitler, Marissa Shoemaker, and Anna Welker.

“It’s just about different stories behind popular songs and the meanings behind them.” Shoemaker says.

A board game podcast called, “The Tabletop Review,” will be hosted by Zack Davis and Landen Blankenship.

“We’re gonna review board games and other tabletop games” Landen Blankenship says.

The last podcast will be called, “Tips and Tricks for Surviving Fhs,” hosted by Kaiya Ortiz and Kennedy Garmong.

“We’re going to cover things that can make school easier and we’ll add in our own stories, so it’ll be casual but helpful.” says.

Keep a close eye on the Blue & Gold website to hear the podcasts.