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Joe Fratello’s delivers warm atmosphere, incredible pizza

Joey Fratello'sRestaurant: Joey Fratello’s

Why go there: Joey Fratello’s is a family owned business, whose warmth surprises and envelops customers as soon as they walk in. The atmosphere is casual, but classy enough to have a nice dinner without feeling awkward or out of place. The staff is always accommodating and genuinely friendly, and the service is above average on many counts. In addition to the comfortable setting, Joey’s offers a pretty good variety of pseudo- Italian food to choose from. From specialty subs to salads to pizza of course, there’s something for everyone.

What you should get: Most people immediately go for pizza, which makes sense because Joey Fratello’s makes incredible pizza for a modest price. The plain cheese pizza paired with a side Greek salad is my favorite, but with so many choices, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up happy with whatever you get.

Rating: ★★★★

The China rises above Chinese restaurant competition


Restaurant: The China

Why Eat There? : In the plethora of Chinese restaurants serving “Chinese” food in Findlay, this is the only one that I don’t feel a little grossed out by. The food is great and there are many options that aren’t covered in greasy breading. Another draw of the China is itsquaint décor. Every table and chair in the place was designed and built by the owner out of wood. Many of the tables, in fact, were crated to double as display cases for his collections of motorcycle memorabilia, key chains and lighters. Customer service also takes prime real estate in my opinion. Although it can sometimes take a while to get receive your food, the staff is very friendly and (if you go in enough) will remember you and ask how things are going. I appreciate this quality a lot in food outlets, especially locally owned ones. Findlay has many chain-independent restaurants but this one stands out as personal favorite.

What to Order: I can’t claim to have sampled everything on The China’s menu but their Mongolian chicken, princess beef and wonton soup are all fantastic.

Stars: ★★★

The Landing Pad caters to sports lovers, food lovers alike

Land Pad

Restaurant: The Landing Pad

Why Go there: Upon first entering The Landing Pad, you will instantly notice how spacious and comfortable the restaurant is.  The service is always kind and the restaurant simply exudes a pleasant atmosphere.  Especially in luck are the sport fans that eat at The Landing Pad; you’d be hard pressed to find a seat in where there isn’t at least five T.V.s in your direct line of sight.  Worried about missing a touchdown when you go to the restroom?  Well don’t, because there’s even T.V.’s in the restroom!  Somehow though, the constant streaming of sports is not too distracting for the non sport fan eating at The Landing Pad.

The most astounding aspect of The Landing Pad is of course the food!  Personally, I have yet to try something there that did not exceed or at least meet my expectations.  For a pleasant eating experience in the limited circuit of Findlay restaurants, you will not be disappointed by The Landing Pad!

What You Should Get: Where to start?  The absolute essentials at The Landing Pad are definitely the pizza, wings, and fries.  Thin with buttery-garlic crust, the pizza is certainly exceptional and will please everyone.  To go with the pizza is for my money, the best wings/chunks in town.  With a variety of sauces, the wings/chunks are always hot and moist.  Finally, The Landing Pad knocks it out of the park again with their great basket fries.  Enough to feed at least two people, the basket fries are never greasy and will keep you coming back for more!

Rating: ★★★★★

Mi Tequila’s authentic food, great service guarantee a great experience

Restaurant: Mi Tequila

Why go there: If you are in search of a place that truly has authentic Mexican food, Mi Tequila is the place to go. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and efficient staff. The service is quick, while still allowing enough time to enjoy the experience along with the complementary chips and salsa.

What to get: Like many other Mexican restaurants, Mi Tequila allows the customer to combine their favorite Mexican specialties like tamales, burritos, quesadillas, rice, and refried beans. However, one of the best dishes is the Guadalajara Especial, which seems to give a sample of everything; including one tamale, two taquitos, and a layer of tortilla chips over rice and refried beans.

Rating: ★★★★★

Jac & Do’s great pizza, subs make it a Findlay classic

Restaurant: Jac & Do’s

Why go there:Jac & Do’s has been around for the past 50 years, and they have perfected the taste overtime. It is significant because it’s unlike any other pizza place.

They have their own flavor and have set the bar high with the variety of foods such as subs, cheese bread, dessert pizzas and salads.

What you should get:
You will have many decisions depending on if you want pizza, a sub or a dessert. The deluxe pizza is a classic and served with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green olives, onions and green peppers. A great sub to get is the Jac & Do’s Hoagie. This is made with Ham, salami, cheese and sauce baked and topped with lettuce. When it comes to dessert though, the soft and sweet cinnamon dessert pizza is covered in butter, cinnamon and sugar and topped off with vanilla frosting and melts in your mouth.

Rating: ★★★★★

La Charrita provides delicious, inexpensive Mexican cuisine

La Charrita Logo

Restaurant: La Charrita

Why go there:
The service is good and quick. They are always ready to give refills on drinks and put your order in right away. When you go, the wait is not long.

What you should get:
The Mexican Chilaquiles are delicious. Made with their tortilla chips and ranchero sauce, they top it with chicken or beef, of your choice, lettuce, sour cream and rice. It comes in a large portion and still tastes great after reheating it later on. Mexican Chilaquiles are filling, and the meal is very inexpensive for what you are getting.

Rating: ★★★★★