High School Musical 4 in the works

Disney has officially announced that a script for a fourth High School Musical movie has been put into the works. The film is likely to debut on Disney Channel within the next year and a half. Some teenage fans are excited for the childhood nostalgia the film will bring about, but many are hesitant that the reboot won’t  hit the mark.

The first “High School Musical” movie made it’s premiere back in 2006. Many well regarded actors such as Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale have the HSM franchise to thank for their career kickstart. The first two films in the series were exclusively made for TV while the third movie was aired on the big screen in theaters across the country.

The fourth film will feature an entirely new cast, fueling the hesitation of HSM fans. Across the internet people are rallying for Zac Efron cameos and remastered versions of classic HSM songs. There is very little information regarding other details of the movie as this announcement is brand new. Fans will just have to wait hopefully to see what Disney has in store.

The 1975 Album Review

Album: I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Artist: The 1975

Genre: Alternative

Why listen: After almost two years, The 1975 have put out an album that is significantly shorter than the deluxe version of their last self-titled album. Though the title is longer, the album is full of quality music that is potentially pleasing to everyone’s ears. The album has its share of ballads, like The Ballad of Me and My Brain, and upbeat songs, like Love Me and This Must Be My Dream. Some songs, like The Sound, are faster and louder than their older songs, such as Woman or Menswear. Others still consist of the meaningful and heartfelt lyrics, like Nana. There’s even an acoustic song that made it on the album called She Lays Down. The 1975’s sound is influenced by drums and guitar, except for a few of the slower songs. Although some of the slow songs may have a guitar solo or a consistent beat in the background.

Songs to listen to: If I Believe You, Loving Someone, and Somebody Else.

Rating: 5/5

Photo of the week

kez“The Blanchard River Watershed Partnership is holding a rain barrel contest and Findlay High School’s Art Club is participating!” Junior, Austin Sexton explained.

“We are making rain barrels They are going to be auctioned at the competition at the mall.”

But why did the club choose rain barrels?

“Rain barrels collect rainwater and people use them to water their Gardens,” said senior Mackenzie Collins.

There are three categories; agricultural, watershed, and general, and the department decorated barrels for the general and watershed categories. The entries were picked up on Thursday and will be judged over the weekend.

Travel to Paradise

As spring break is approaching and people are planning vacations for spring and summer, it might be hard to decide where to travel. Some places are more fun and interesting, like theme parks, while other places are more relaxing, like a small beach. When deciding where to go, here are a few places that might catch your eyes..

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake – between Polson and Kalispell, Montana
Flathead Lake in Montana is 200 square miles of crystal clear water along with 185 miles of beach along it. The lake is used for swimming, boating, waterskiing, fishing, and relaxing on top of the clear water. While at Flathead Lake, you will always be able to see the wildlife around you.

Oahu, Hawaii
Although the flight(s) may be long, once you get there you will realize it was worth the wait. The weather in the summer is very warm, but you have the option of playing in the ocean all day, which will definitely keep you cool. A popular attraction in Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor Memorial, where you can take a boat out to the actual memorial in the water. Other options for activities include taking surfing lessons, shopping, playing/watching beach volleyball, or snorkeling at the beautiful Hanuman Bay.
In Oahu, the weather was very hot, but it rained for a short amount of time each day, which cooled the air a little bit. Walking to dinner at night was very nice, the weather wasn’t as hot as it had been earlier. A restaurant I went to a few times was Jimmy Buffet’s, which was a few blocks from my hotel. The decorations there are really nice and the food was very good. My favorite thing to do was either sit by the beach or go sightseeing, especially seeing Hanuman Bay.


Siesta Key, Florida
A place just as relaxing to go with a shorter flight than Hawaii is Siesta Key in Florida, one of the top ranked beaches in the United States. There are many other things to do besides sit by the beach all day. You can go to a spa for the day, go out to eat for any meal, go hiking or biking, or go shopping. If you aren’t afraid of heights and want to try something new, you can even go parasailing. On Sunday evenings at Siesta Key Public Beach, as the sun is setting, you can join others on the beach and listen to the Siesta Key Drum Circle. It starts a little bit before the sun starts to set and goes on for hours after the sun is no longer in sight.
While in Siesta Key, I really enjoyed laying on the beach every day and sometimes getting in the ocean. The water was cool but it felt good after sitting out in the heat. I also played a few games of beach volleyball and that was very fun.

New York, New York
New York is a big city, which means big crowds of people. Times Square and the Empire State Building are mostly always crowded. There are other things to do around NYC besides hang around the crowded areas, like take a walk in Central Park, go see a play, or take carriage rides around the city. Pizza is New York’s specialty, it’s so good that you’ll want to eat it for every meal. If you don’t like pizza, though, there are many restaurants to sit down at, big and small. After you eat, you should visit Carlo’s Bakery. It isn’t the actual bakery from The Cake Boss show, but they still serve delicious cupcakes and cookies. The best time to be out is at night, at the Empire State Building, and especially in Times Square. The lights make it seem like it’s still daytime outside, plus there are many different stores to visit, like the M&M or Hershey’s store.
While there, it was very crowded and a lot of people were rushing around, bumping into other people. I was everywhere because traffic was so crazy it was probably faster to walk. Some areas smelled bad, but others were nice and calm, like Central Park. I also saw a lot of dogs while there, so that is definitely a plus. All the food I had was delicious and I think I worked it all off while I was walking. The only bad things were the smells and the crowds, especially at the top of the Empire State Building because everyone was so close together.

Remembering Antonin Scalia

On February 13, 2016 Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in Shafter, Texas of natural causes after a hunting trip. Scalia was appointed to the D.C. court of appeals by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 and in 1986 was appointed to the
Supreme Court where he served for 30 years. Justice Scalia was considered to be the most conservative justice on the court often opposing topics such as same-sex marriage, abortion and other controversial issues. Justice Scalia was known as an originalist which means that he strictly interpreted the Constitution and looked at it through the eyes of the men who wrote it over 200 years ago.

Antonin Scalia was the only child born to Salvadore and Catherine Scalia on March 11, 1936 in Trenton, New Jersey. Being an only child was rare among Italian Catholic families at the time. Scalia grew up in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Queens, a borough of New York. He attended St. Xavier high school and in 1953 he enrolled at Georgetown University. In 1957 he graduated from Georgetown as Valedictorian and Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in History. He went on to Harvard Law School and in his final year met his wife of almost 50 years, Maureen McCarthey. The couple went on to have 9 kids and over 30 grandchildren. He started his Law career at a Law office in Cleveland, Ohio in 1961. In 1967 he took a teaching job at the Virginia University Law School. In 1982 he was appointed by Reagan to the D.C. district court of appeals and in 1986 he accepted his placement on the Supreme Court as an associate justice. While on the court he came to be very highly regarded and had a very conservative record. In 2011 Judge Richard A. Posner wrote about Scalia, “He is the most influential justice of the last quarter century. On February 13, 2016 at the age of 79 Justice Scalia died at a resort in Texas after a hunting trip of natural causes, he also had heart issues and high blood pressure.

In order to become a Supreme Court Justice a person must be nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. The steps of how this occurs are in our Constitution, “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

The current Republican majority Senate has voiced its plans to block any appointment President Obama has for Scalia’s vacancy and let the next President pick who they would like to fill Scalia’s spot.

Needed Changes in the High School

Things are constantly changing; technology, fashion, food, and places. Something that isn’t changing as much as it could in Findlay High School. Things that should be changed at the school range from bathroom issues to problems with sports and the time school starts. Students at the High School spoke up about what they would change.

Most students would agree that school starts too early. Sleep is not only a luxury, but a necessity and with after-school activities and homework, getting to bed early can be difficult.

“I would change what time school starts-it’s too early. There are studies showing that teenagers perform better in school when they get more sleep,” Senior Danielle Snyman said.

Public bathrooms aren’t usually the most pleasant places. School bathrooms might be worse. Sophomore Jon Deckard agrees that the bathrooms in the high school needs major improvements.

“Oh gosh, I would want better bathrooms. That’s really it,” Deckard said.

The staff and students at Findlay High School are big on sports. Whether they are being played or watched, high school sports are a big deal. While there is football, swimming, wrestling, and many other sports, there could still be others added.

“If I could change something, I would definitely want to have a lacrosse team,” Sophomore Owen Morse said.

These are just a few things that are, for the most part, fairly simple to change. If the school were to add a new sports team, adjust the bathrooms or start school at a reasonable time, students might have a few less things they would want to change about Findlay High School.

A Saint in the Making

Blessed Mother Teresa, How About Saint Mother Teresa?

On December 17, 2015, Pope Francis approved the second miracle through the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa allowing her canonization and sainthood. Mother Teresa was declared “Blessed” by Pope John Paul II in 2003 after recognizing her first miracle. To be recognized a saint in the Catholic Church is a great honor and means that the person lived an honorable life devoted to the service.

It is a long and hard process to be declared as canonized saint with particular requirements. Fr. Scott Woods of St. Michael the Archangel Parish here in Findlay describes the lengthy process of which an individual goes through to become a canonized Saint.

“There is typically a five-year waiting period after someone dies before a “cause” for sainthood can be opened.  It begins with the local bishop, who investigates and decides whether or not there is a case for pursuing a declaration of sainthood. This is based on the holiness of the deceased person, and testimony from many people is gathered. The bishop may then forward the cause to the Congregation for Causes of Saints at the Vatican,” Fr. Woods said.

If the person passes all of those obstacles, the case passes on to the Vatican.

“The body further investigates the life and holiness of the person in question, and if there is evidence of the person having been a true martyr and/or having lived a life of heroic virtue, the cause is referred to the Pope, who bestows the title “Venerable” on the possible saint. If the person died for the faith, they are beatified and are then referred to as “Blessed.”  If not a martyr, a miracle has to be verified, having been bestowed by God through the intercession of the venerable person. Once that is verified, beatification occurs.  Finally, a second miracle bestowed by God through the intercession of the martyr or confessor (one who lived a life of heroic virtue) must be verified.”

A person who went through this tedious process is Mother Teresa.

She was born in Skopje, Macedonia as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to a very devout Catholic family.  Her mother taught her to be a very compassionate and charitable individual and by age eighteen, she found out her true calling and devoted her life to God by becoming a nun. She left Macedonia and joined the Sisters of Loreto Order in Ireland where she chose the name Teresa. In 1929, she left for Calcutta, India to teach. While in India, after completing her Final Profession of Vows, she became known as Mother Teresa. While on a retreat to Darjeeling she had a “call within a call” to leave teaching and help the poorest and sickest of Calcutta. For the forty-seven years, Mother Teresa cared for and helped the unloved and unwanted people of Calcutta. In 1997, after years of declining health, Mother Teresa died at the age of 87. She was given a State funeral for her exemplary work toward the people of India, an honor few in India receive outside dignitaries.

During her life, Mother Teresa became close with many world leaders including several Popes most notably Pope John Paul II, and United States President, Ronald Reagan. Mother Teresa also received many awards and achievements including the Jewel of India, and the Nobel Peace Prize. Mother Teresa was one of two people to ever be honored as an honorary citizen of the United States while still alive; the other being Winston Churchill.

Many people are elated at the fact Mother Teresa will be canonized as a Saint. They feel that the life she lived in service to God and others is exactly what a Saint should be. One person who feels strongly for her Sainthood is Geri Leibfarth the Religious Education Director at St. Michael’s.

“I fully support her canonization. She is one who lived her life in pure charity, giving totally to the least of God’s Kingdom. I feel blessed to have lived in her lifetime and been witness to how she brought Christ to others,” Leibfarth said.

Father Scott Woods shares a similar opinion.

“Blessed – soon to be Saint – Teresa of Calcutta clearly lived a life of holiness. She was known the world over thanks to television and print media, and her life of virtue was most certainly evident.  She is a model of love and respect for all of us – regardless of our religious beliefs – because she cared for each and every person she encountered with tenderness and compassion,” Fr. Woods said.

Mother Teresa’s life is summed up well in one of her most famous quotes when she says, “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”

Preservation, Archaeology, and Serving Together

There is a club at Findlay High School that many people do not know about at all, even though it is a very fundamental club that many people would benefit from. This club is called PAST.

“It stands for preservation, archaeology, and serving together,” advisor Eugene Damon said.

The club is all about learning how to preserve and work together to conserve important land and artifacts. If you are interested in history, science, and archaeology this club is perfect for you. Damon started the club ten years ago with the help of Mrs. Schweinfurth and has been the advisor since it started. He wanted to form a club that truly embodied his passion for archaeology and to be able to share it with students.

“We started out working on Johnson’s Island. It housed a civil war prison, and the land began falling apart. The whole club worked diligently to preserve the land, and we did,” Damon said.

PAST still currently goes to Johnson’s Island for a yearly dig. They also work in the lab at Heidelberg University to work on preserving and discovering facts. The club also goes on an annual spring trip to a different museums in big cities. In the past they have gone to places such as Chicago, Nashville, and Cleveland.

This club would be so beneficial to many students who enjoy preservation, archaeology, and serving communities. If you have enjoyed this story, you should definitely check this club out.

Hungry in Syria

Syrian refugees became a huge topic of discussion last year, especially after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Syrians desperately continued to look for homes outside of Syria where they would be safe. Now, in Syrian cities, hunger is becoming a major problem. 400,000 people are suffering in fifteen besieged cities.

The people of Madaya, Syria have been without much needed aid for almost three months. They are slowly dying of starvation, getting more and more weak by the day. When they try to leave the area, they are injured in some way, or even killed. The residents have already slaughtered the city’s stray cats and dogs.

On January 11, the city of Madaya received their first visit from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), or UN Refugee Agency. They received the help they terribly needed. The visit was covered on Twitter where pictures and quotes were posted. Some pictures showed small children who were very fragile and tired looking. The children, along with the adults, made leaves as a meal to fill them up or hunted for grass. If they wanted a kilo of rice, they would have to pay at least 300 USD. To put this in perspective, one kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. 20 pounds of rice is available from Wal-Mart fro $8.98.

“They were desperately looking for something while we were offloading cars… kids and everybody around the cars were asking for anything (to eat),” Sajjad Malik, representative of UNHCR, said about the UN’s arrival to Madaya.

It was reported that 300-400 residents were suffering from malnutrition. The people of Madaya lack electricity, blankets, heat of any kind, and most importantly medicine. The UN Refugee Agency delivered blankets to shield the citizens from the harsh weather, more medicine, and food from the 40 vehicles that were miraculously let into Madaya. In the past year, 90% of the requests to deliver aid the area were denied.

Two other cities, Foa’a and Kefraya, were also aided by the UN on January 11. They have been lacking food and basic materials for life since October of 2015.

Madaya was visited again on January 14, along with the cities of al-Fouaa and Kafraya, which have been under a rebel blockade. 44 trucks arrived in Madaya and 20 trucks reached al-Fouaa and Kefraya. Doctors and nurses that came with the UN treated citizens from Madaya that needed urgent treatment.

There is no plan to evacuate starving citizens from Syrian cities, so the people of Syria must rely on aid from the UN for as long as this war is ongoing.