Blue and Gold’s Furry Friends


  • Bailey’s chameleon is named Cam. He’s very interesting to have as a pet. He is a freaky eater and avid climber.

claire 2claire

  • Claire’s cat is named Pebbles and she is 8. Her dog is named Molli and she’s cute but a pain.


  • Kaitlyn’s dog is a 10-year- old boxer named Kelly. She loves sleeping and she likes to stick her tongue out.

  • Kayla’s dog is named Caramel and she likes attention.

meg 1  meg 3JPG

  • Meghan’s cats, Puma and Bootie, are both stray and they found her. Her dog Azzy is15-years-old and is her best bud.

tim 1 tim 2

  • Tim’s dog Cassie is a mini schnauzer. His brown cat is named Snickers and his other cat is named Saddie. Snickers is Tim’s favorite because she has grown up with him.

Junior Statesmen of America

Junior Statesman of America is a group that volunteers to raise money for people in Tanzania. The group raises money by doing stadium cleanups, selling mall booklets, and Rake and Take. On November 7 and 14, members went to 24 houses to rake leaves around Findlay for a donation. In years past, JSA has raised money to build a school, a maternity ward and buy mosquito nets for those in Tanzania. This year, the group is raising money to help build a greenhouse for inmates.

Besides raising money, the group has debates and discussions about local, national, and world issues. This allows members to be informed about what is going on in the world around them and it gives them a chance to see what other people think. Earlier this year, Dr. Robert Alexander came in to talk to the group about the Electoral College. Students asked questions and learned about what the Electoral College does.

Through JSA, you can meet new people, learn about pressing issues, volunteer and expand your mind.

Gaines Runs to All-Ohio Honors

Findlay girls and boys cross country teams had a successful year. The girls and boys teams both made it to regionals. The teams were unable to move on to state as the girls placed 14th and the boy placed 11th. Senior Isaiah Gaines was able to move on and run in the state meet at National Trail Raceway outside Columbus. Gaines set high expectations for himself before state.

“I wanted to be All-Ohio (top 25) but more specifically wanted to be top twenty,” Isaiah Gaines said.

Gaines finished 20th and received all-Ohio honors, an accomplishment he is extremely proud of.

“The course was generally pretty flat and slightly wet. It ran pretty fast; faster than years past.”

The competition was obviously very strong and it was humbling to run against such talented athletes.”

At any state event the atmosphere is buzzing and exciting.

“Everyone was very supportive and excited and it created a very grand atmosphere.”

Gaines was also blessed because he got an offer to continue running at the University of Pennsylvania.

“It is very relieving and exciting. it is nice to be able to enjoy my senior year and not stress about college searching.”

Other runners from around the area had successful years as well. St. Wendelin Junior Nick DeHaven finished 39th at state in the Division II race. Liberty Benton Junior Meghan Bartel placed 48th in the Division II race.

A debate on diet

FINAL VEG for realHow do you feel about mistreatment of animals in the food industry?

K: I agree there is certainly serious mistreatment of animals in the food industry today, however it doesn’t really concern me. I believe animals like cows, chicken, and pigs aren’t as conscious as we are as humans. Therefore the fact they are slaughtered and manipulated to provide food and nutrition to humans does not bother me. The overall well being of the human race is a bigger concern to me than the comfort of animals.

J: Anyone with access to the internet or a television has seen something about the cruelty involved in mass farming. Delving a little deeper, the horrors that lie just beneath the surface of that annoying PETA email in your spam folder are very real and troubling. Personally, after educating myself on the issue, I decided to do what I could to lessen my contribution to these unfortunate occurrences.  I believe that ignoring the problem just because it is convenient to do so is irresponsible and selfish. Some people refuse to even acknowledge that there is a problem, which is completely foolish in my opinion because the evidence is right in front of us. Animals are sentient beings just like humans, and deserve so much more than the way they are treated in the food industry.

Comment on the health benefits of omnivorous vs herbivorous diets.

K: There is no arguing meat is an excellent source of protein. Chicken breast is a simple and accessible source of protein that is great in terms of offering nutrients your body needs. Red meat and pork products also pack hefty amounts of protein, though these are best eaten in moderation. Fish such as salmon and tuna are low in fat and offer other vitamins and nutrients on top of protein. Eating meat also makes for a more diverse diet, which often times equates to a healthier diet. I do feel efforts should be made to purchase organic, GMO free, and free range meats. They are void of any unnatural substances and better for your body to ingest.

J: A whole new world of food appears when you try eating meals minus meat. There are creative ways to dine that might not have been discovered otherwise, and these flavorful additions are more than enough to make up for what you miss in terms of a red meat burger or chicken nuggets for example. With so many cruelty-free alternatives, it isn’t very hard to make the switch when you consider them. When it comes to nutrition, vegetarians and vegans tend to be healthier than their counterparts, so long as they’re diligent about eating a varied and healthy diet. Consuming lots of different fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains without  the addition of artery-clogging red meat has obvious benefits. That being said, anyone who doesn’t make sure they have good eating habits is at risk for complications, vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise. Potato chips might be vegetarian, but anything in excess can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and a whole host of other problems.

Why do you you think veganism/vegetarianism is so popular as of late?

K: The media has perpetuated the embrace of meat free lifestyles. In the past five years an insane amount of documentaries have been released portraying the food industry in a negative light. People are now more aware of the health risks that come with eating certain processed meats and the mistreatment of animals. I also think a large portion of the population today is concerned with losing weight. They think omitting meat from their diet will help them shed pounds quickly, though often this isn’t the case. There’s also cases in which people adopt the lifestyle to seem unique or trendy. Which I find extremely stupid. Often times they aren’t even fully aware of what being vegetarian or vegan actually entails.

J: I think plant based diets are being adopted by so many people because the media has been highlighting all of the good things about them, and debunking the myths they are typically associated with. For instance, a common misconception about not eating meat is that such a decision will result in a protein deficiency but that simply is not the case. The only difference in how vegans and vegetarians get their protein is that they go straight to the source just like the grazing animals meat eaters consume do, deriving the nutrient from plants themselves instead.  Any well informed veggie buff could tell you this, but the problem with this fad is that many of the followers aren’t in it for the right reasons. Subscribing to an idea or belief just because it is considered cool for a brief time isn’t genuine and if anyone is taking on such a drastic lifestyle change for these reasons, they should probably rethink it.

Would you ever consider giving up meat/consuming meat again?

K: Honestly, that’s not something I can perceive happening. I love chicken wings way too much. Meat is such a prominent part of my everyday diet. I love the taste of it and I have no personal reasons not to eat it.

J: Not anytime soon. I can’t foresee the future, or how I’ll feel in the next few years but for now I plan on sticking firmly to my decision. I was never a huge fan of meat in the first place, and now that I have a moral conviction to avoid it I don’t see any reason to revert back to my old eating habits!

myths facts

A look at Thanksgiving Traditions

Even though Christmas music is starting to take over everybody’s car radio, it’s not time for Christmas just yet. Before Christmas comes Thanksgiving, and even though the holiday doesn’t usually consist of gift-giving and caroling, many Findlay High School students have Thanksgiving traditions of their own.

Sophomores Emily Cairns and Joran Fuller always run the Turkey Trot – a 5k marathon held on Thanksgiving Day. “My dad and I get up on Thanksgiving to run the race at 9 a.m.,” Fuller said. “We do it every year!”Instead of doing actual exercise, some people prefer to just watch other people burn calories.

“Most of my family watches football on Thanksgiving,” Junior Duncan Longberry said. “The ones who don’t help out with the cooking. We make a ton of food!”

Millions of people share Longberry’s food tradition. Having a large, delicious meal with family and friends seems to be the most common Thanksgiving trend among Findlay students – and most of America. In fact, 88% of Americans cook and eat a turkey – the staple Thanksgiving food – to celebrate the holiday.

No matter what you do to celebrate Thanksgiving, remember what the holiday is really about; being thankful for what and who you have.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Findlay High School’s fall play is a one-shot musical comedy directed by Andy Cantrell. It Includes improvised moments from the cast, the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee centers around six middle schoolers competing to win their school’s spelling bee.

Senior Miranda Ravenscroft said, “It’s about a group of quirky kids with unique personalities participating in the spelling bee. We even get insight into some of their personal backstories.” With the relatable humor, the show is bound to be a hit.

The musical will take place at Findlay High School Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 at 7:30 and Sunday, November 15 at 2:00. Tickets are $10 each
and for more ticket information, contact

Is ISIS to blame?

A big topic of discussion lately has been the crash of Metro jet Flight 9268. The crash killed a total of 224 people. Officials do not know the exact cause of the crash, but they do have some ideas, one being that there was a bomb inside the plane.

Another possible cause of the crash was a ground to air missile, but that was quickly ruled out because there was no trace of a missile trail. If it had been a missile, the damage would’ve been much worse and more obvious. There was also talk of engine failure, which would involve blades in the turbine breaking free before puncturing part of the aircraft; causing a fire to breakout. One other theory was structural damage to the plane after it had been repaired due to another incident with the A321 in 2001 when the tail of the plane hit the tarmac during landing.

A potential cause of the crash is terrorism. A suspected group is Sinai Province, who are based in northeastern Egypt and are affiliated with ISIS. Sinai Province have said not once, but twice, that they are the cause of the crash. They claimed God helped them bring down the aircraft, but they will not reveal how they tore the plane from the sky. The most likely weapon used was a bomb.

A lot of research and inspection has taken place so far, but an important piece of the evidence is the recording from the cockpit. While listening to the recording, an audible explosion was heard.
The flight data recorder indicates the explosion was on purpose. The head of investigation, Muquddam, does not agree with these claims, saying the crash could’ve been caused by mechanical issues or just bad weather.

Many people wait for the true cause of the crash to be found. After days of investigating, it feels like they are getting no closer to a conclusion. Maybe they know something we don’t, or maybe there is not enough evidence to prove what really caused this event. Everyone has their guess, either ISIS, a mechanical problem, or apparently bad weather. Hopefully as the investigators go more in depth with the evidence, people will soon know what the real cause was.

Benefits of being a Boinger

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The award-winning, show choir Findlay First Edition, more commonly known as FFE, has been singing and dancing since 1984. Musically assisting the performers are the Boingers. The Boingers are filled with talented musicians and there is a wide variety instruments that fill up the group. There are trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and in the rhythm section, guitars, electric bass, drums, and piano. The Boingers are all under the direction of Alycia Althaus.

“I joined the Boingers in the beginning of my junior year,” senior, Rachelle Crow said. “My first year I played the violin and the piano. This year we no longer have a string section, so I only play the piano.” Crow said.

Crow shared how joining The Boingers has been rewarding.

“Being apart of the rhythm section has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much about music and about myself as a person. I’ve also made great friends along the way.”

Junior Austin Hamilton has also shared his enjoyment on being a part of FFE.

“I’ve made many friends that will also be life long friends,” Hamilton said. “I first started in 2014, and I play lead guitar. FFE overall has been a great experience. It has taught me many life lessons and given me a great work ethic to live by. It has also broadened my music taste considering I play exclusively rock in my band Null Set. FFE has been one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve been apart of.”

No thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be ranked number two on the list of America’s favorite holidays, but it also seems to be the most over looked holiday during the fall and winter season.

In the consumer and marketing world it’s very obvious how Halloween and Christmas overshadow Thanksgiving. When November first rolls around all the Halloween decorations and costumes are cleared out and moved to clearance, to be replaced with tinsel and wrapping paper. Thanksgiving is also overshadowed by the unofficial holiday, Black Friday. The marketing industry starts advertisements for the consumer holiday weeks before Thanksgiving. Almost all ads for stores on Black Friday advertise their products as gifts for Christmas, which again skips over the season of being thankful forward to the mistletoe season.

The average household spends $56.18 on their Thanksgiving meal, according to, which isn’t too shabby. But compared to the Black Friday sales it seems minor. The average spent per person on Black Friday was $390.95 in 2014.

Thanksgiving isn’t a particularly expensive holiday and it’s not supposed to be. It’s about being thankful not greedy. However,, predicts that 25.6 million people, based on previous years statistics, will be shopping on Thanksgiving day. It seems crazy that 45 percent of people plan to end their Thanksgiving meal and festivities early to go out and shop.

Even stores themselves realize how crazy it is. Multiple chain retail stores have announced and pledged to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2016. These stores include: Costco, TJ-Maxx, Joann, Game Stop, Staples, True Value, Half Price Books, P.C Richard & Sons, REI, and Sam’s Club.

REI is going as far ads to pay their employees to take Thanksgiving and Black Friday off to go outside and be with their families. “While the rest of the world is fighting it out in the aisles, we hope to see you in the great outdoors.” REI said earlier this month in an email.

While you may not spend your Thanksgiving holiday outside, we shouldn’t turn a holiday about giving back and being thankful into a day to get the best deals. It’s good to see that perhaps not all focus on Thanksgiving has been lost. The shadow over Thanksgiving may stop if it wasn’t surrounded by such retail based holidays.