The Black Keys prove experienced, no-nonsense style

Black Keys Picture
Photo by Tess Marshall

Tour name: Turn Blue

Headliner: Cage the Elephant

Artist: The Black Keys

Venue: Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Why you should see this artist: As my friends and I ran into the concert, half an hour late, we saw Cage the Elephant’s Matt Schultz up on stage, already in full concert-mode. Although we were upset that we had missed the first part of the opening act, we coveted the few songs we got to hear. Schultz’s stage presence was enormous. He ran around in a manic state, ripping off clothes, knocking things over and eventually jumping into the audience. If you are looking for good music as well as an impressive show, Cage the Elephant is the band to see.

After this, we waited impatiently for The Black Keys. Excitement was in the air. There was no steam, light shows or moving platforms when the two entered the arena. They simply walked out on stage, sat down and started the playing. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The show embodied The Black Keys’ style—no frills and no gimmicks—just two talented people doing what they are passionate about.

The show lasted a few hours and was energized and electrifying from start to finish. Although a few of their more recent songs were played, the band mainly stuck with their fan-favorites. They closed the show with Little Black Submarines, practically tearing down the arena with the energy between the band and the fans.

The show was truly great. Although there were no mosh pits and only a few who tried to crowd surf, there was a real appreciation for the music from the audience, and that is what being a fan is really all about.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Sports Bio: Dakota Feay

Athlete: Dakota Feay


Sport: Football

How long have you been playing your current sport: I am going into my ninth year.

What position do you play: Receiver.

What is your favorite memory from past games: Senior dinner is always a great time. I enjoy getting to hang out with they guys on and off the field.

How do you work together with the other players on your team: We come up with a game plan before and communicate with each other.

Stats: I have made seven touchdown throughout my high school career in football.      

America wins FIBA World Cup despite setbacks

On Aug. 30 the world kicked off the 16th annual FIBA Basketball World Cup. Heading into the tournament America was already looking like they were going to have some problems after two of the top players for America decided not to play. However, America stayed strong and was able to take home the gold.

America started off the tournament playing Finland. They beat them with ease and gave hope for America. Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Anthony Davis showed great leadership and played at the top of their game.

Then came the game against Slovenia, which tested the U.S team’s abilities. It took the U.S. team almost two minutes just to score their first field goal. By the third quarter, the team got serious and started to play like they did in the beginning of the tournament. This game made people wonder if America is really unbeatable.

This created interest from the American team to prove their talent. America then went on to play Lithuania in the semi-finals who they easily overcame. Klay Thompson scored 16 points, along with three rebounds, three assists, and one steal. This game gave America hope again and moved us to the finals against Serbia.

America dominated in this final game, outscoring Serbia by at least 10 points in the first three quarters. The stars of this game were James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Harden scored a total of 23 points and Irving 26. America was ready to take on their competition, beating Serbia by 37 points.

America was able to prove the world wrong after all the hardships they went through losing players, and being doubted by the rest of the world. In the end, the team was able to push through all the reluctance and win the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Sports Bio: Angelica Gray

Athlete: Angelica GrayIMG_8649

Sport: Volleyball

 How long have you been playing your current sport:  I am going into my sixth year

 What position do you play: Middle hitter

What is your favorite memory from past games: At team bonding we play “odds are” and hostage and it is always a great time.

 How do you work together with the other players on your team: We communicate with each other on and off the court and work on things that were not done well during a game.

Stats: At our game on September 9 against Defiance, I had four kills.

Kenna McCaskey talks tennis

DSC_0002webAthlete: Kenna McCaskey

Sport: Girl’s Tennis

How long have you been playing your current sport: Seven years

What inspired you to play your sport: Many people in my family play and I have lived in places where it is a popular sport.

What position do you play: Doubles

What is your favorite memory from past games: My favorite memory is playing doubles with one of my friends. Even though we lost we had a great match and a lot of fun.

How do you work together with the other players on your team: The girls on the tennis team are all very close and encouraging to one another.

Student council tackles tank top issue

In the aftermath of the #TankTopMassacre2014, the administration seemed to have won the battle of bare arms; however, FHS student council held a productive meeting with members of the administration, and the result was the resurrection of our “dear” tank tops.

A few days before the start of the school year, The Courier published an article announcing a change in the dress code. It was decided that tank tops would be permitted on school grounds as long as the shoulders are more than two inches in width. Student council’s decision to get involved was practically unanimous.

“Student Council talked at great length last year after many students protested the tank top rule. The consensus was to address the issue with the administration,” Diana Schweinfurth, student council advisor said. “The Council has always acted as a student government with its main function being to act as representatives for the student body in communicating with the administration.”

Students who led the debate were clear in the logic they provided, using diplomatic reasoning to sway their audience. Senior student council members Patricia Barreto and Tommy Gilgen had many points to back up their argument.

“The school is very hot during the school day, and while some teachers didn’t care about tank tops, others did,” Gilgen said. “We felt that the school should have a clear policy.”

Taking into account all of the actions the student body took to make the situation turn out  this way, a question is presented. After something so huge, could everyone band together for a change bigger than dress code regulations? Barreto has high hopes for the future.

“I absolutely think that the students could push many more changes in the future,” Barreto said. “Students just need to realize that there are proper steps that need to be taken to make that change. After that, all that is left is following through with them.”


Photo by Tess Marshall

FHS construction heightens security

After the outbreak of school shootings across the country, many have increased the demand for higher security in their schools. Findlay High School has decided to make additions to the school in hopes to ensure the safety of its students.

“Making improvements to our building’s security has been on our five year permanent improvement list,” Director of Operations Dennis McPheron said.

The renovations will create a safer atmosphere and keep students from having to leave the building to get to class.

“The most exciting part is the sense of the building being secure and comfort for students crossing to and from the fine arts wing,” McPheron said.

The project is set to be completed in the middle of November.

“With the constructions I have to catch a bus after band which means getting all the way to the freshmen wing to exit the building,” senior Emily Bartow said. “I have to run to the bus or I will miss it.”

Despite the inconvenience that the construction has caused the students as they start school, the improvements will provide students with the assurance that their safety is critical to FHS.

“We are very appreciative to students for their cooperation,” McPheron said. “We understand that this may cause some inconveniences for the time being but the end product will be something that both students and the community can be proud of.”

Photo by Tess Marshall

Football player shares his story

Athlete: Grant MckinnisGrant Mcs

Sport: Football

How long have you been playing your current sport: Since the third grade.

What position do you play: Punter and kicker.

What is your favorite memory from past games: Last season against Lima senior. I broke the school record for going 4/4 on field goals.

How do you work together with the other players on your team: I work with the shapers and holders every day trying to get faster and more consistent.

Stats: 14/21 in career field goals. Long of 49 yards.