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San Francisco Giants prevail in World Series

Both the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants came off extremely successful seasons going into game one of the World Series. The Giants earned an 88-74 record, and the Royals finished only slightly better with a record of 89-73. The Giants’ successes continued as they began their quest for the pennant, obtaining a three run lead before the Royals even took the plate in game one. San Francisco’s pitcher, Madison Bumagrner, was on fire, pitching seven solid innings and allowing only one run.

After falling short in game one, Kansas City was able to even out the standings, coming back with a win in game two. After breaking a 2-2 tie that stood until the sixth inning, the Royals were able to run the score up to 7-2 during the final portion of the game. Kansas City bagged another consecutive win in game three when they prevailed over the Giants by one run.

The Giants were able to even the board once again when they defeated the Royals and held a seven run lead in game four. In game five the Giants took over the lead in the series when they shut out the Royals 5-0.

Kansas City was able to force a seventh game when they turned the tables on the Giants, winning with a ten run shut out. However their efforts to capture the pennant fell short as the Giants were came back with a win in the final game and prevailed as the 2014 World Series champions.

The Giants were led to victory by pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who was named MVP and holds the career lowest ERA in world series history at 2.5. Bumgarner also pitched more innings post season than any pitcher in history. The Royals were able to seize the series with an impressive one man rotation, gaining the lead in the fourth inning and maintaining it through the remainder of the game. The San Francisco franchise is certainly on hot streak, this being their third World Series win in the past five seasons.

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Sports Bio: Joey Staschiak

Athlete: Joey StaschiakDSC_0130

Sport: Soccer

How long have you been playing your current sport: Ten years

What position do you play: Right midfielder

What is your favorite memory from past games: Playing with my older brother Jimmy

How do you work together with other players on your team: We get to know each other which helps us communicate.

Sports Bio: Claudia Morman

Athlete:  Claudia MormanDSC_0124

Sport:  Volleyball

How long have you been playing your current sport:  Six years

What position do you play: Defensive Specialist (DS)

What is your favorite memory from past games: My very first “pancake” (a defensive save when you dive for the ball and it hits the top of your hand and bounces up) freshman year

How do you work together with the other players on your team: Team bonding, which brings us closer, and talking to each other when on the court


LeBron James makes a comeback

In 2010, LeBron James made a choice that hurt not only his team, but a state as a whole. LeBron chose to sign with the Miami Heat and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. The whole state of Ohio felt betrayed thinking that LeBron had taken the easy way out to winning a championship.

Now that four years have passed, and LeBron has decided to come back to Cleveland; he wont be alone this time. He will also have rising star Kyrie Irving and established player Kevin Love. Cleveland fans are enthusiastic about the future of their team.

This trio could bring the much anticipated championship to Cleveland.

LeBron James has already established himself as the best player in the league. James was drafted by the Cav’s immediately following high school.  From that point the Cavaliers knew that they had someone that could win them the championship. James, however, never won the championship. Then, James left for the Miami Heat, where he finally won the rings he had been striving for.

Next, the Cavaliers acquired Kyrie Irving. Irving was the number one draft pick in 2011 and since then has proven to be one of the top point guards currently in the NBA. He is a two time All-Star; He won “rookie of the year” in the 2011-2012 season, and the 2014 NBA All-Star game MVP.

Finally the Cav’s Obtained power forward/center Kevin Love. Kevin Love was drafted in the first round of the 2008 NBA drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Love was Minnesota’s star player, leading them to great seasons but never enough success to make the playoffs. The summer of 2014, when LeBron was making his choice between Miami and Cleveland, Love released a statement saying that if LeBron would go back to Cleveland, he would sign with Cleveland as well. Though it is not known if this swayed LeBron’s decision to go back to Cleveland, many believe that it did.

Now, with these three top players in the NBA on the same team, Cleveland could have a successful season and possibly win a championship.

Football from dusk until dawn


Findlay High School’s first home football game of the season has left people talking. The Friday night game started with a 7 p.m. kickoff, and ended at 2 a.m., due to a four-hour thunderstorm delay.

The game kicked off as usual with students and FHS fans cheering in the bleachers. It wasn’t until the end of third quarter, that things started to get a little unusual. While rumors of a thunderstorm spread, lightening was spotted several times causing the game to delay right at the end of the third quarter.

However, the lightening didn’t stop students and fans from cheering on the team and having plenty of school spirit. Some people waited for the storm to pass, but other’s called it a night when the third hour of the delay rolled around.

Although a four-hour delay is a bit excessive, the team didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“Grove City’s coach wanted us to forfeit, but our coaches didn’t want that,” sophomore football player Devin Zimmerman said. “I think it was hard for a lot of

the players because we were all tired and worn out.”

Varsity football coach Mark Ritzler was determined that the game would be completed within the night.

“If we have to play at 1 a.m. we’ll play at 1 a.m.” Ritzler said.

Despite the long wait, the game eventually started up again around 1:30 a.m.

Four hours later, there were still devoted fans waiting for the game to start back up. Although it was late, many of the fans still had excitement.

“I feel like I had more spirit because it was so late and I was excited for them to play after such a long wait,” junior Kendyl Junge said.

With one quarter left to go, there were still football fans cheering the team on, the game eventually coming to a close at 2 a.m.

“It seemed like the longest game in history,” sophomore Alexis Rothenbuhler said.

Although there was a long wait, and thunderstorm delay, FHS did not forfeit the game and ended up the victors, with a close score of 27-25.

Photos by Lindsay Blackwell

Sports Bio: Dakota Feay

Athlete: Dakota Feay


Sport: Football

How long have you been playing your current sport: I am going into my ninth year.

What position do you play: Receiver.

What is your favorite memory from past games: Senior dinner is always a great time. I enjoy getting to hang out with they guys on and off the field.

How do you work together with the other players on your team: We come up with a game plan before and communicate with each other.

Stats: I have made seven touchdown throughout my high school career in football.      

America wins FIBA World Cup despite setbacks

On Aug. 30 the world kicked off the 16th annual FIBA Basketball World Cup. Heading into the tournament America was already looking like they were going to have some problems after two of the top players for America decided not to play. However, America stayed strong and was able to take home the gold.

America started off the tournament playing Finland. They beat them with ease and gave hope for America. Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Anthony Davis showed great leadership and played at the top of their game.

Then came the game against Slovenia, which tested the U.S team’s abilities. It took the U.S. team almost two minutes just to score their first field goal. By the third quarter, the team got serious and started to play like they did in the beginning of the tournament. This game made people wonder if America is really unbeatable.

This created interest from the American team to prove their talent. America then went on to play Lithuania in the semi-finals who they easily overcame. Klay Thompson scored 16 points, along with three rebounds, three assists, and one steal. This game gave America hope again and moved us to the finals against Serbia.

America dominated in this final game, outscoring Serbia by at least 10 points in the first three quarters. The stars of this game were James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Harden scored a total of 23 points and Irving 26. America was ready to take on their competition, beating Serbia by 37 points.

America was able to prove the world wrong after all the hardships they went through losing players, and being doubted by the rest of the world. In the end, the team was able to push through all the reluctance and win the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Sports Bio: Angelica Gray

Athlete: Angelica GrayIMG_8649

Sport: Volleyball

 How long have you been playing your current sport:  I am going into my sixth year

 What position do you play: Middle hitter

What is your favorite memory from past games: At team bonding we play “odds are” and hostage and it is always a great time.

 How do you work together with the other players on your team: We communicate with each other on and off the court and work on things that were not done well during a game.

Stats: At our game on September 9 against Defiance, I had four kills.

Kenna McCaskey talks tennis

DSC_0002webAthlete: Kenna McCaskey

Sport: Girl’s Tennis

How long have you been playing your current sport: Seven years

What inspired you to play your sport: Many people in my family play and I have lived in places where it is a popular sport.

What position do you play: Doubles

What is your favorite memory from past games: My favorite memory is playing doubles with one of my friends. Even though we lost we had a great match and a lot of fun.

How do you work together with the other players on your team: The girls on the tennis team are all very close and encouraging to one another.