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FHS students resolve for the New Year

As 2016 began, thoughts were buzzing of what New Year’s resolutions people wanted to achieve. Many are setting goals to become happier and healthier. GoBankingRates surveyed the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2016, and the surveys showed that most respondents plan to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest in 2016. Students at Findlay High School have New Year’s resolutions to get physically fit, to save more money, to be more positive, and many more.

Junior Chris Ricker plans on sticking with his goals by working out during and even outside of the sports he plays.

“My New Year’s resolution is to get in shape as much as I can. I want to be able to lift more, lose more weight, and increase my stamina,” Ricker said.

Learning to accept yourself is a great first step to ruling 2016 and making it your year.

“My New Year’s resolution is to accept myself more because I can’t change my flaws, so why not learn to love them?” Sophomore Julia Weigman said.

Some students are trying to become a part of something bigger this year.

“My New Year’s resolution is to become a part of a different social group to meet new people and make new friends. I would also like to get rid of all the negativity in my life and replace it all with positive things,” Junior Alex Risner said.

Not all students rang in the new year with resolutions for themselves.
“My New Year’s resolution is to not have a New Year’s resolution,” senior Kiyomi Tachibana said.

This is another great goal to have because although many of us often forget it, it is important to remember that many things are not permanent.Although it may be difficult to keep up the enthusiasm to achieve your goals, it is not impossible. Select a resolution for yourself for the new year and stick with it!

A debate on diet

FINAL VEG for realHow do you feel about mistreatment of animals in the food industry?

K: I agree there is certainly serious mistreatment of animals in the food industry today, however it doesn’t really concern me. I believe animals like cows, chicken, and pigs aren’t as conscious as we are as humans. Therefore the fact they are slaughtered and manipulated to provide food and nutrition to humans does not bother me. The overall well being of the human race is a bigger concern to me than the comfort of animals.

J: Anyone with access to the internet or a television has seen something about the cruelty involved in mass farming. Delving a little deeper, the horrors that lie just beneath the surface of that annoying PETA email in your spam folder are very real and troubling. Personally, after educating myself on the issue, I decided to do what I could to lessen my contribution to these unfortunate occurrences.  I believe that ignoring the problem just because it is convenient to do so is irresponsible and selfish. Some people refuse to even acknowledge that there is a problem, which is completely foolish in my opinion because the evidence is right in front of us. Animals are sentient beings just like humans, and deserve so much more than the way they are treated in the food industry.

Comment on the health benefits of omnivorous vs herbivorous diets.

K: There is no arguing meat is an excellent source of protein. Chicken breast is a simple and accessible source of protein that is great in terms of offering nutrients your body needs. Red meat and pork products also pack hefty amounts of protein, though these are best eaten in moderation. Fish such as salmon and tuna are low in fat and offer other vitamins and nutrients on top of protein. Eating meat also makes for a more diverse diet, which often times equates to a healthier diet. I do feel efforts should be made to purchase organic, GMO free, and free range meats. They are void of any unnatural substances and better for your body to ingest.

J: A whole new world of food appears when you try eating meals minus meat. There are creative ways to dine that might not have been discovered otherwise, and these flavorful additions are more than enough to make up for what you miss in terms of a red meat burger or chicken nuggets for example. With so many cruelty-free alternatives, it isn’t very hard to make the switch when you consider them. When it comes to nutrition, vegetarians and vegans tend to be healthier than their counterparts, so long as they’re diligent about eating a varied and healthy diet. Consuming lots of different fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains without  the addition of artery-clogging red meat has obvious benefits. That being said, anyone who doesn’t make sure they have good eating habits is at risk for complications, vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise. Potato chips might be vegetarian, but anything in excess can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and a whole host of other problems.

Why do you you think veganism/vegetarianism is so popular as of late?

K: The media has perpetuated the embrace of meat free lifestyles. In the past five years an insane amount of documentaries have been released portraying the food industry in a negative light. People are now more aware of the health risks that come with eating certain processed meats and the mistreatment of animals. I also think a large portion of the population today is concerned with losing weight. They think omitting meat from their diet will help them shed pounds quickly, though often this isn’t the case. There’s also cases in which people adopt the lifestyle to seem unique or trendy. Which I find extremely stupid. Often times they aren’t even fully aware of what being vegetarian or vegan actually entails.

J: I think plant based diets are being adopted by so many people because the media has been highlighting all of the good things about them, and debunking the myths they are typically associated with. For instance, a common misconception about not eating meat is that such a decision will result in a protein deficiency but that simply is not the case. The only difference in how vegans and vegetarians get their protein is that they go straight to the source just like the grazing animals meat eaters consume do, deriving the nutrient from plants themselves instead.  Any well informed veggie buff could tell you this, but the problem with this fad is that many of the followers aren’t in it for the right reasons. Subscribing to an idea or belief just because it is considered cool for a brief time isn’t genuine and if anyone is taking on such a drastic lifestyle change for these reasons, they should probably rethink it.

Would you ever consider giving up meat/consuming meat again?

K: Honestly, that’s not something I can perceive happening. I love chicken wings way too much. Meat is such a prominent part of my everyday diet. I love the taste of it and I have no personal reasons not to eat it.

J: Not anytime soon. I can’t foresee the future, or how I’ll feel in the next few years but for now I plan on sticking firmly to my decision. I was never a huge fan of meat in the first place, and now that I have a moral conviction to avoid it I don’t see any reason to revert back to my old eating habits!

myths facts

Findlay Boys Soccer Fights to Stay Perfect

The Findlay High Schools varsity men’s soccer team is off to an incredible start. They are currently undefeated with a 8-0-2 record. This is a feat that they have not had since 1979.

“The boys soccer season is going great so far with wins over Northview and Saint Francis along with being unbeaten.” said Senior Logan Fickieson.

Fickieson shared the strengths of the soccer team.

“I would say its our team as a whole, most of us have played together since little kickers and that helps us connect as a team.”

With the team currently undefeated, everyone wonders how far the team will go.

“We hope to win our conference and win all of our tournaments.” Seeing our name state ranked at number five, it puts fear into the teams that we face off against.”

Hopefully the team will be able to continue this streak all the way to state and bring home a trophy for Findlay. Come see their next game is Tuesday October 6th when they face off against Toledo Whitmer.


Color Me Stress-free

Pictured: Emily Misamore, Cam Dillon, Allie Hughes, Julia Fulk, and Cassie Wood
Pictured: Sophomores Emily Misamore, Cam Dillon, Allie Hughes, Julia Fulk, and Cassie Wood

Think back to your easy-going and care-free childhood days and all that they entailed. They probably involved naptime, juice boxes, lots of cartoons and most importantly: coloring.

Coloring is one of the easiest and most fun ways to entertain kids and keep them occupied. Unfortunately, there came a time where we all had to trade our fancy 50-pack of crayons for pens and pencils.

All color and fun has been stripped before our eyes and we are left in a word of black and white.

Fear not: coloring is making a comeback in our early adult lives and it’s better than ever. Coloring is now being viewed as an activity that is just as beneficial for adults as it is for kids. Its also been proven to lower the stress relief in adults.

“When coloring, we activate different areas of our two cerebral hemispheres.” said Psychologist Gloria Martínez Ayala.

Elena Santos of the Huffington Post says that coloring is good for the mind.

“The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills. The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.” Santos said.

They even make extensive adult coloring books now that can be purchased at just about any book or drug store.

Here at FHS coloring is made available to you via the library at a specially set up table for you to take some time out of your day to relax. Its called the “de-stress” table and there are printed coloring pages and crayons made available to you, courtesy of our librarian Mrs.Brasfield, for you to take and enjoy.

Students have been responding really well to the coloring station to the extent that the coloring pages barely last and need to constantly be replenished because of their high demand.

So cancel your yoga class and put down the stress ball because returning to a carefree and childlike state is only a few pages away in your new coloring book.

My Address at 45840 Has Got to Go

Photo from
Photo from

Seniors at Findlay High School are looking forward to their next chapter of life. For many of them, the next chapter is exciting because they get to move away from Findlay.

“I plan on attending film school,” Senior, Lauren Johnson said. “I have to go somewhere where the industry is booming.”

Johnson doesn’t believe that Findlay is a place where she could do anything of significance.

“Findlay seems like a place where you can go so far and then you get stuck. There’s room for lawyers and teachers here, but not necessarily a need for film makers.” Johnson said.

Psychology teacher, Gene Damon also wanted to get out of Findlay when he attended FHS.

“I wanted to see the world and understand minorities, Damon said. “In the 70’s, there wasn’t a lot of diversity in Findlay. When I left high school, I didn’t think I would come back.”

Even though Mr. Damon wanted to venture out of Findlay, he still came back to his home town.

“I worked in Columbus and on Capitol Hill, Damon said. “Once I was successful, I wanted to move onto another thing. I wanted to keep growing.”

Glenwood Middle School teacher, Erica Brunow also felt the need to leave Findlay after high school.

“I loved high school, but I wanted to meet new people. I went to a school in North Carolina but then after one year, I transferred to Bowling Green,” Brunow said. “I wanted to be away, but not that far away.”

After college, Brunow stayed in Findlay and started a family.

“My husband and I love the community. You have to be willing to step out of your box and do things. Being involved helps me grow because there’s always room for opportunity.” Brunow said.

Mr. Damon reflects on his life and where he is now.

“I consider myself to be the luckiest man in the world,” Damon said. “I’ve experienced a lot of things, I love to travel, but I like being in Findlay where I can be close to my parents.”

Before you start planning your escape route out of Findlay, maybe you should look around and really experience Findlay; asking yourself if it’s really that bad.

Stars on the rise

The 2015-2016 competition show for Findlay First Edition show choir is under way and will soon be revealed. After having a season that included three Grand Championship titles and winning fourth place overall in the nation; the show choir is excited and is preparing to start competing. Coming off of a successful season last year has put pressure on the group to stay on top.

“Our biggest competitor this season is ourselves.” Director Kevin Manley said.Each member is reminded what it takes to be on top and the work that is to come to stay there.

Jenna Kreinbrink explains how the group members are working together to make it the best year in FFE history.  “Considering the group’s dynamic I have witnessed so early in the season, I’m certain to see the group’s success in anything we strive to achieve.” Kreinbrink said.

This season, you can expect to see dance brakes, beautiful ball gowns, amazing music, and all the glitz and glam on stage for its 31st year in a row. Unlike previous years, this year’s competition show has the loose theme of “stars”. Whether they’re on the red carpet or up in the sky, all members are eager to get back on stage and shine.

This year, FFE will be competing in five major state competitions leading up to the Fame national competition in Chicago this spring. Between competitions and practices,  FFE will perform local shows for the community throughout the year. Dates and locations of the performances are listed on the FFE website at We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming season and hope they live up to the name they have earned.

Long Live the Queen- Literally

On Wednesday, September 9, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in Britain’s history.

Elizabeth inherited the throne in 1952, at the age of 25. As of last Wednesday, she had ruled for 63 years and 217 days – surpassing her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, as the longest-ruling British queen.

The queen arranged for no celebration of this achievement.

“Inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones. Mine is no exception.”

The next to inherit the throne will be Charles, Prince of Wales. Second in line is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. No matter how much longer Elizabeth continues to rule, it will be next to impossible for either to surpass her record.

Got Kup?

Students have noticed a change in their head principal. Since Craig Kupferberg has made his return to Findlay High School, he has been out in the hallways and has even made appearances at athletic events.

Students at Findlay High School have taken notice of their principal around the school.

“He’s out in the hallways and witnessing what goes on in the school.” Junior Jayme Tesnow said. “I don’t think the atmosphere of the school has changed, but I do appreciate actually seeing the principal in the halls and not hidden behind a desk.”

Kupferberg explained why he is at the doors when students walk in and why he can be seen throughout the day.

“I believe that attitude is contagious. I’m a happy guy and I want to spread that.” Kupferberg said. “I’ll get a smile or a laugh out of some of the students. If we can start out the day with a positive, we’ll have a better day.”

Ms. Kim Blake shared how students have reacted to Kupferberg’s presence.

“I have students that will say, ‘has anyone ever been at the doors to greet us?’ I told them no, and they say that they think that it’s cool that he’s out there.” Blake said.

Though he says that he’s just doing his job, students appreciate Kupferberg’s appearances at sporting events.

“I like that he’s going to a lot of sporting events. He seems more involved and he actually cares what the students are doing.” Senior Marissa Wintrow said.

Even though the atmosphere of the high school hasn’t done a 180, students are noticing the little things that are making FHS just a little bit better.


Bienvenue Mme. Omwomo

mme. omwomo1A new year at FHS has brought not only the faces of new freshman to the halls, but also the faces of new faculty and staff. By now most have encountered our new principal, Mr. Kupferbeg roaming the halls between classes and greeting passing students. Ms. Omwomo, the French teacher however, is someone you’re much less likely to have a chance encounter with if you aren’t one of her students. To those of you who haven’t had the chance to become acquainted with her, here’s a quick bio of one of FHS’s newest and most unique teachers.


Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Findlay, Ohio?

I’m originally from Kenya, I first came to the United States to earn my masters degree at Miami University.


Do you speak any other languages, besides French and English?

Yes, I’m fluent in Swahili, my native languages, of which there are three, and I also speak a little German. French is my favorite.


What motivates you to teach high school students?

Being a role model for them. I love to teach high school because these are the formative years for the students. I love to watch them grow.


How is the lifestyle of a student here different than that of a student in your native country?

School actually starts much earlier in Kenya, around 6. Most students walk to school there as there is no busing system.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Getting Findlay High School students to love speaking French.

Given her interesting background Ms.Omwomo shows promise to bring a new and engaging perspective to those trying to learn a language. If you pass her in the halls don’t hesitate to stop and say bonjour!

The Day the World Stopped Turning

Fourteen years ago today, an event happened that would forever change the way we operate in the United States. Most people can recall the two planes crashing into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York, but people seem to forget that there were also two other attacks.

On that same day, a plane crashed into The Pentagon and 40 passengers died trying to overtake a plane that was hijacked by terrorists on its way to Washington D.C. and crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

Even though these acts of terrorism are over a decade old, Americans still feel the effects of 9/11 today.

“We now live with greater vigilance. Our definition of freedom has changed forever” Physics teacher Tim Opp said.

When tragedy strikes, people remember where they were when they heard the news.

“I was at school. I remember I was screening what was happening before I showed it to the students.”

Since the attacks, security has been heightened in airports, the size of our military has grown immensely and we’ve been in an ongoing war with Iraq since 2003.

“September 11 is a day that Americans will never forget. Our everyday lives have changed because of it.”

Tribute in Light