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FHS remembers esteemed alumn Congressman Oxley

On January 1, US Congressman Oxley, esteemed FHS alumn, passed away. When students returned from winter break, time was set aside in his remembrance. Principal Kupferberg felt that a moment should be taken to honor the congressman, because of his gracious contributions to Findlay High School. Specifically to the We The People debate group. The Congressman has offered members of the group exclusive tours, monetary donations, and hosted dinners in Washington DC over the years. He also has returned to the high school offer wisdom to various social studies classes.

“Congressmen Oxley was very devoted to bettering the students at Findlay High School,” head principal, Mr. Kupferberg, said.

When We The People travelled to Washington DC for their national competition in 1990, Kupferberg went along. During this time he met Congressman Oxley. Kupferberg described Oxley as, “a very straightforward man, who was upright and honest. He also loved his Dietsch chocolate”. Kupferberg felt it important Oxley be recognized at FHS, because as a distinguished alumni he always found time to give back to the school.

New Uniforms for Marching Band in 2016

The Findlay Trojan Marching Band’s 2015 season may have just ended, but a new development for the 2016 season has just begun. Next year, the marching band will receive completely new uniforms. To the general public, that might not seem like a big deal but to band fans it is a huge change. The current uniform is blue suspender pants, a white top with large shoulder pads, a blue and gold cape, sash, and gauntlets. The helmets are hardhat style with a metallic triangle and a large, Trojan style plume that most other bands don’t have. Good news, band kids; the new uniforms don’t have capes, gauntlets, or oddly shaped plumes.  They do, however, zip up the back. The new uniforms feature adjustable black suspender pants, and a blue top with smaller shoulder pads and gold stripes that run along the front. The helmet is a regular marching hat style with a 14inch, upright, blue and white plume.

For those of you who don’t know the real struggle of the current marching band uniforms, here’s a video to show just how real that struggle is.

Starbucks cups are brewing up controversy

Last week Starbucks introduced their 2015 holiday cup design; a simple red cup. To most, the design seems simple, but a surprising amount of people see this red cup as a hate crime against Christianity.

In past years, Starbucks has introduced holiday cups with snowmen, snowflakes, and similar patterns. This year, the cups have been made a simple red.

When asked about the meaning behind the design of the plain cups, Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks’ vice president of Design and Content said, “This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories…we are embracing the simplicity and quietness of it.”

After the announcement of the new cups, some Christians immediately lashed out, saying that Starbucks was trying to discriminate against Christianity. Many people used Twitter to send their message to Starbucks, tweeting the large company that they were upset. Some have even started telling the Starbucks baristas that their names are “Merry Christmas!” so they are forced to write a very Christmas-related phrase on the cup.

Although Starbucks did simplify the winter cups in order to be more religiously diverse, one could easily argue that the past designs of snowflakes and other generally wintery things are not specifically Christian either, so there is no real reason for certain Christians to be angry now. It is also quite odd that Starbucks made a statement about how different the red cups are, since in reality they are not a bold statement or amazing new breakthrough.

Whether you are angry about the red cups or not, it’s safe to say that everybody should put down their torches and pitchforks and try to enjoy the holiday season instead of arguing about coffee cups.

The city of light darkens

This past Friday, the world experienced a true tragedy. Paris, France was the victim of several attacks of terrorism late Friday night. The venues that were attacked included a concert hall, the street by the Stade de France, a bar, and a restaurant.

The Bataclan concert hall was the most gruesome and deadliest of the sites due to the death of eighty nine people. The gunmen had taken hostages and moved them to the front of the stage, which is where most of the bodies were found later on that night.

Lucky, people were able to escape before they were trapped in the building. Others were stuck in various rooms in the building where they remained for several hours, only to have to hear the horrors that laid beyond the door.

At the nearby location of Stade de France President Francois Hollande was watching the soccer game; cheering his nation on against Germany. When the first suicide bomb went off the audience heard it clearly. The president was rushed from the stadium and into safety while the game continued.

Only half an hour away from the Stade de France were the sites of three suicide bombings. The gunmen all had suicide bombs attached to their belts which they used when militia closed in on them. Six out of the seven gunmen used their devices while the seventh was shot down by police.

The following day Parisians gathered to mourn the losses of the victims. France now observes three days of mourning for the victims which was announced on the fifteenth. Thousands of flowers and candles lined the venues that were attacked as people paid their respects.

Photos taken of the mourning are heartbreaking to look at. There are many photos of people completely distraught as they stand there crying. Another photo depicts a rose stuck into a bullet hole at the La Belle Equipe restaurant.

Over hundreds of lives were changed the night of the Paris attacks and we can only hope that they will be able to move on and become a strengthened nation because of it.


Junior Statesmen of America

Junior Statesman of America is a group that volunteers to raise money for people in Tanzania. The group raises money by doing stadium cleanups, selling mall booklets, and Rake and Take. On November 7 and 14, members went to 24 houses to rake leaves around Findlay for a donation. In years past, JSA has raised money to build a school, a maternity ward and buy mosquito nets for those in Tanzania. This year, the group is raising money to help build a greenhouse for inmates.

Besides raising money, the group has debates and discussions about local, national, and world issues. This allows members to be informed about what is going on in the world around them and it gives them a chance to see what other people think. Earlier this year, Dr. Robert Alexander came in to talk to the group about the Electoral College. Students asked questions and learned about what the Electoral College does.

Through JSA, you can meet new people, learn about pressing issues, volunteer and expand your mind.

Is ISIS to blame?

A big topic of discussion lately has been the crash of Metro jet Flight 9268. The crash killed a total of 224 people. Officials do not know the exact cause of the crash, but they do have some ideas, one being that there was a bomb inside the plane.

Another possible cause of the crash was a ground to air missile, but that was quickly ruled out because there was no trace of a missile trail. If it had been a missile, the damage would’ve been much worse and more obvious. There was also talk of engine failure, which would involve blades in the turbine breaking free before puncturing part of the aircraft; causing a fire to breakout. One other theory was structural damage to the plane after it had been repaired due to another incident with the A321 in 2001 when the tail of the plane hit the tarmac during landing.

A potential cause of the crash is terrorism. A suspected group is Sinai Province, who are based in northeastern Egypt and are affiliated with ISIS. Sinai Province have said not once, but twice, that they are the cause of the crash. They claimed God helped them bring down the aircraft, but they will not reveal how they tore the plane from the sky. The most likely weapon used was a bomb.

A lot of research and inspection has taken place so far, but an important piece of the evidence is the recording from the cockpit. While listening to the recording, an audible explosion was heard.
The flight data recorder indicates the explosion was on purpose. The head of investigation, Muquddam, does not agree with these claims, saying the crash could’ve been caused by mechanical issues or just bad weather.

Many people wait for the true cause of the crash to be found. After days of investigating, it feels like they are getting no closer to a conclusion. Maybe they know something we don’t, or maybe there is not enough evidence to prove what really caused this event. Everyone has their guess, either ISIS, a mechanical problem, or apparently bad weather. Hopefully as the investigators go more in depth with the evidence, people will soon know what the real cause was.

Art Club makes rain barrels for Findlay

The Art Club at Findlay High School has started a new adventure. The students are going to work with rain barrels. Yep, you heard it correctly – rain barrels. The club has been asked by the city to paint rain barrels to collect surplus spring rain to conserve water. The class has been given templates for the barrels, and the club is voting on the best three out of all he designs.

“We’re doing it for a great cause,” senior Heather Hamm said.

The club is trying to make the barrels as creative as possible to spice up our town and to reflect the goals of their club.

“We’re trying to put cool designs on them instead of the more elementary ones you would normally see if you googled rain barrel designs. We really want to make them stand out artistically.”

Issue 3 goes up in smoke

The proposition to legalize marijuana in Ohio was rejected across the state. The approval rating for legalization was only 35.9%. In the Buckeye State, voters were faced with a decision that was much more than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for marijuana legalization. Numerous factors caused such a negative response to the bill.

Voter turnout is always an obstacle that lawmakers have to face. If Issue 3 was on the ballot the same year as a presidential election year, the results might have been different. Successful recreational marijuana laws passed in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington passed in presidential election years. In these elections, the electorate tends to be young, and the votes are more Democratic. Out of the 22,422 people who voted on Issue 3 in Hancock County, only 6, 084 people were in favor. Issue 3 didn’t pass in Ohio because of low voter turnout and too much at stake in one bill.

Issue 3 was more complex than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to marijuana. Voters has to decide if they were okay with marijuana being used not only for medical use, but for recreational use as well.

“It’s a leap to go from no legal marijuana to full legal marijuana,” Democratic Rep of Columbus Mike Curtin said.

Curtin believes that although Ohioans voted down Issue 3, they are willing to consider legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

“Even though the Ohio Legislature has refused for to consider medical marijuana bills for eighteen years, I have no doubt that the topic will hit the agenda soon.”

Issue 3 had a very low support rate this year. If Ohio can amend the bill for marijuana, maybe the next time the issue is on the ballot, it will be a closer race.

Water makes a splash on Mars

How did you react when the news erupted with the announcements of liquid water being found on Mars? The media exploded with reactions and responses from scientists and the public. While the general public was mostly shocked by this discovery, scientists were not all that surprised.

“What is particularly exciting with this new information is that this evidence supported the scientists’ leading hypothesis so clearly. There is no longer any confusion as to what caused those dark spots. This new information shifts the mystery away from what it is to how it got there. This is a question that possibly points to what research could be coming next for the red planet.” Dr. Dave Brain, the co-investigator of NASA’s MAVEN mission, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, to Mars said.

The MAVEN spacecraft arrived at Mars on September 21, 2014, to explore the planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) discovered water on Mars on September 28, 2015. The first time the MRO landed on Mars was in 2006 with the intentions of studying the possibility of water in Mars’ past. The dark spots on Mars’ surface gave the MRO definite evidence that liquid water exists there.

There is one question that scientists are eager to find an answer to; can Mars support life? The dark spots on the surface of the planet appear to flow over time, much like water on planet earth.

“It’s the obvious conclusion to reach, but it’s not clear that it’s correct – it raises the question more than answering it,” Dr. Bruce Jakosky, principal investigator of MAVEN  said. “Liquid water is thought to be necessary for life to exist, and this is a clear detection of liquid water. But it’s a transient phase, not long lived. It’s in a form that is extremely salty and not conducive to supporting life like we have on earth.” It is still a mystery as to whether or not the water on Mars is or has ever supported life.

“These results are an important advance in our developing an understanding of how Mars works,” Jakosky said. “They’re not an end in themselves, but they’re an important step along the way.”

Hurricane Patricia Named Category Five

In a span of five days, a disastrous storm hit the Pacific coast of Mexico. This tropical storm was named the most powerful hurricane to ever occur in the Western Hemisphere. Hurricane Patricia’s intensity was enough to be declared a Category 5 hurricane, the worst category on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This category means “catastrophic damage will occur”, such as homes being destroyed and destructive winds over 157 miles per hour or higher.

On October 22, Hurricane Patricia’s powerful winds reached 200 mph, increasing from 85 mph, with gusts reaching approximately 211 mph. Within 24 hours, the winds dropped from 200 mph to 30 mph. Along with the heavy winds, Mexico was expected to get 20 inches of rain, causing warnings of dangerous flash floods and mudslides to be distributed. There was a chance of 40 foot waves. The majority of places received over 11 inches of rain, with some Texas cities getting more than 14 inches. Mandatory evacuations were made in places where landslides were.

Hurricane Patricia is only the second recorded Category 5 hurricane to hit the Pacific coast since 1949. Hurricane Patricia has been compared to Typhoon Haiyan in terms of intensity. Typhoon Haiyan occurred in the Philippines in 2013, killing over 6,000 people. Haiyan’s winds reached up to 195 mph, almost as much as Patricia’s 200 mph winds. Considering the intensity of Hurricane Patricia, it is astounding that the death toll for this tropical storm was zero.