Sundown Heaven Town is engaging, but lacks emotion

Album: Sundown Heaven Town

Artist: Tim McGraw

Sound: Country

Image Source: buy it: This is one of Tim McGraw’s best albums.
Most of the songs I listened to I liked, however, as I listened to the album some of the songs felt as though there was something missing. They needed more heart in the words. He almost sounded like he did not want to sing the songs or that he was bored with them. I think that he should have a little more fun making his songs and tried to put himself into the music.

I thought that Meanwhile Back at Mamma’s was one of the best songs off of the album. He did a wonderful job with this songs I thought that he put himself into the music and as I listened to the song I could feel myself being swept into the music.

I think this is one album that people should go out and but that is if you are a fan of country.

Download this: Meanwhile back at Mamma’s

Rating: ★★★★

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