Benjamin Booker brings modern feel to classic punk style

New Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Booker

Sounds like: A punk rock combination of Howlin’ Wolf’s voice and Chuck Berry-esque guitar playing, with a Nirvana-styled minimalist flavor of distorted guitar and pounding drums.

For Fans of: Punk music with a blues edge
benjamin booker cutout

Why You should check Him out: Booker has risen rapidly in the ranks, having in the course of a year gone from playing his first gigs to playing at Newport Folk Festival, Lollapalooza, opening up for Jack White, and appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman.  His style brings the excitement of re-imagining the old with a unique, modern aggression.

Check these songs out: Violent Shiver and Have You Seen my Son? – both from Booker’s self-titled, debut album.

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