Student council tackles tank top issue

In the aftermath of the #TankTopMassacre2014, the administration seemed to have won the battle of bare arms; however, FHS student council held a productive meeting with members of the administration, and the result was the resurrection of our “dear” tank tops.

A few days before the start of the school year, The Courier published an article announcing a change in the dress code. It was decided that tank tops would be permitted on school grounds as long as the shoulders are more than two inches in width. Student council’s decision to get involved was practically unanimous.

“Student Council talked at great length last year after many students protested the tank top rule. The consensus was to address the issue with the administration,” Diana Schweinfurth, student council advisor said. “The Council has always acted as a student government with its main function being to act as representatives for the student body in communicating with the administration.”

Students who led the debate were clear in the logic they provided, using diplomatic reasoning to sway their audience. Senior student council members Patricia Barreto and Tommy Gilgen had many points to back up their argument.

“The school is very hot during the school day, and while some teachers didn’t care about tank tops, others did,” Gilgen said. “We felt that the school should have a clear policy.”

Taking into account all of the actions the student body took to make the situation turn out  this way, a question is presented. After something so huge, could everyone band together for a change bigger than dress code regulations? Barreto has high hopes for the future.

“I absolutely think that the students could push many more changes in the future,” Barreto said. “Students just need to realize that there are proper steps that need to be taken to make that change. After that, all that is left is following through with them.”


Photo by Tess Marshall

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