Panic! At the Disco is impressive in concert

Tour Name: This is Gospel

Headliners: Magic Man and Walk the Moon

Artist: Panic! At the Disco

Venue:  LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio

Why you should see this artist: This concert really exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect the venue to be completely full, or anticipate that the line to get in would wrap
around three buildings, but it was worth the wait.  I had not heard of Panic!’s headliner Magic Man before the show at all, so walking in and seeing them on stage surprised me. They were really energetic and didn’t even seem like they were opening for someone.  Walk The Moon followed and blew me away with their set, and really tried to involve the crowd,
but I was mostly anticipating the main event.  And Panic! Didn’t disappoint.

Concert Photo (1)
Photo by Jayden Egler

To begin, Brendon Urie has an incredible stage presence. He went from singing impressive high notes, guitar and even taking his drummer’s place for a few songs. There wasn’t a moment during the concert where my eyes weren’t glued to the stage. I never found myself bored or underwhelmed by their performance. In addition to just generally being warm and including the audience, you could tell that the band genuinely loved performing and

were adamant about putting on a good show.  From a technical standpoint, everything was
definitely up to par. There were no microphone problems or wrong notes. Urie’s voice could be heard over the instruments at all times. The lights were executed well and always matched the feeling portrayed by the lyrics. My throat was sore from screaming along to the songs, and even then I couldn’t hear myself over the people around me.

Rating: ★★★★★

I can’t speak for anyone else, and I am probably a bit biased because Panic! At the Disco is my favorite band, but I thought the show was incredible. It was a night I’ll always remember not only because of the personal significance but because it was a lot of fun.





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