“Tank Top Massacre” energy could be focused on bigger issues

Recently the “tank top massacre” took our school by storm and since that Tuesday, rebellion has been the main conversation topic.

Going against rules and speaking out against something that you do not agree with is one thing, but why would we as a school choose a topic as trivial as tank tops?

Constantly we complain about rules, authority, teachers and having to conform to the society that is public school – we are teenagers, it is what we do.

In all honesty, through this movement, what we proved is that we cannot even protest – not due to rules, or faculty or any other childish explanation we can come up with to justify what we did, but because we took it too far and let it get out of hand.

I can honestly say that some of the signs posted and things said on Twitter made me ashamed to associate my name with this generation.

Peaceful protest would be one thing – simply wearing tank tops to mark that we did not agree. But cheap shots and mockery of actual world problems? That is just sickening.

Another problem is the fact that as a school we have an obvious issue with people getting along with one another, and yet we can unite over a sleeveless shirt? So in other words, if we really wanted to get along we could find a common interest and tolerate each other through that. This whole “movement” has proved that much.

Instead of questioning tank tops and banding together over something so ridiculous that will not matter to us five years down the road, we could use our ability to join together for something bigger than annoying rules we do not agree with.

There are actual problems within this school and more importantly in this world. I know however that it would be a waste of time to suggest we examine the real problems in society because we are selfish “human beings” and we will not create a revolution unless it directly and personally applies to us. It just takes too much effort to care about something bigger than our lives and us. I totally understand though, the worst possible thing that could be going on in the world is not being able to wear tank tops when it hits 80 degrees. It’s not like we wore tank tops before this whole mess and nobody cared or anything. It’s not like we brought this up as an “issue” out of nowhere.

I can honestly say, I can’t think of a single time that I ever really agreed with anything the administration has to say. However, all they did this time around was do their job and enforce the rules they were told to uphold. Maybe people think punishments were too harsh, but maybe we could have acted more like the adults we are growing into instead of the children we used to be.

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