The China rises above Chinese restaurant competition


Restaurant: The China

Why Eat There? : In the plethora of Chinese restaurants serving “Chinese” food in Findlay, this is the only one that I don’t feel a little grossed out by. The food is great and there are many options that aren’t covered in greasy breading. Another draw of the China is itsquaint décor. Every table and chair in the place was designed and built by the owner out of wood. Many of the tables, in fact, were crated to double as display cases for his collections of motorcycle memorabilia, key chains and lighters. Customer service also takes prime real estate in my opinion. Although it can sometimes take a while to get receive your food, the staff is very friendly and (if you go in enough) will remember you and ask how things are going. I appreciate this quality a lot in food outlets, especially locally owned ones. Findlay has many chain-independent restaurants but this one stands out as personal favorite.

What to Order: I can’t claim to have sampled everything on The China’s menu but their Mongolian chicken, princess beef and wonton soup are all fantastic.

Stars: ★★★

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