Joe Fratello’s delivers warm atmosphere, incredible pizza

Joey Fratello'sRestaurant: Joey Fratello’s

Why go there: Joey Fratello’s is a family owned business, whose warmth surprises and envelops customers as soon as they walk in. The atmosphere is casual, but classy enough to have a nice dinner without feeling awkward or out of place. The staff is always accommodating and genuinely friendly, and the service is above average on many counts. In addition to the comfortable setting, Joey’s offers a pretty good variety of pseudo- Italian food to choose from. From specialty subs to salads to pizza of course, there’s something for everyone.

What you should get: Most people immediately go for pizza, which makes sense because Joey Fratello’s makes incredible pizza for a modest price. The plain cheese pizza paired with a side Greek salad is my favorite, but with so many choices, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up happy with whatever you get.

Rating: ★★★★

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