Alexa in Hospitals

   Some people love having a virtual assistant in their home, and now those same virtual assistants are starting to take on bigger projects.

   What in an Alexa one might ask? Alexa is a virtual assistant that is made by the company Amazon. Alexa can do things like make phone calls, play music, and you can even play games. While these are not Alexa’s only skills they are some of the most frequently used.

   Now, Alexa comes in two types. There is the regular sized one and then there is a smaller version. The smaller version is called an Echo Dot. A regular sized on costs usually $200, while the Echo Dot costs $50. While Amazon might decide to release new versions, these two are the most popular among virtual assistant buyers. With sizes and pricing in mind, it seems the Echo will be the most popular among hospitals. In fact that is what Cedars Sinai, a hospital, is using.

   In order to really implicate Alexa in hospitals, developers are trying to develop an app made for Alexa being used in hospitals. “There are some massive voice applications that will be built for health enterprises” this quote comes from John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital. Included in this app will be; giving out any kind of medical information a patient would need and a checklist that surgeons can use in operating rooms to make sure nothing goes wrong during surgery.

   Now this application is taking a lot of research. While Alexa is already being introduced in small doses, she will not be fully inducted into hospitals until this application is sorted out. “We need a killer app before it gets mainstream, but I don’t know what that will be yet,” said Darren Dworkin, who is the chief information office of Cedars Sinai. Cedars Sinai is the hospital being used to experiment with Alexa being used in the medical scene.

   Here is the thing, Alexa already has an app for at home use. So, if and when this app for hospitals is developed, will it be released for the public to be able to download? If so it could lead to confusion among people who are trying to just get the regular Alexa app and could cause confusion among hospitals trying to get the app made for medical use. Only time will tell if there will be an Amazon Alexa confusion scandal.

   Now if Alexa is going to be put in every hospital room, there of course fun aspects to this. Like someone could listen to their favorite music or play trivia. They could even call their friends and family. They could even just ask Alexa questions about anything their heart desires.  

   Alexa overall will make technological advances in hospitals. This virtual assistant will help to make things run smoothly and make hospitals more efficient. Of course there are still the fun aspects for patients, which can increase patient happiness. While there is still development to be done and things to work out it seems that Alexa will be joining the medical scene as quickly as possible.

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