It’s Finally Here!!

   Findlay, Ohio got a Chick-fil-a on September 6, 2018. Many people have been waiting for this,especially students from Findlay High School.

   Students at Findlay High School really like that we’re getting better restaurants in Findlay. “I’m glad they opened, we’re finally getting better places to eat.” said Jeremiah Richard Tatum, sophomore.  Many students from Findlay High School agree. “Eat more chicken! I’m so excited to eat Chick-fil-a!”said freshman Jessica Collins.

   They are open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 am to 10pm.  It is a family restaurant and they have an indoor play area for children. They have many seats for everyone who comes in, indoor and outdoor seating. About 5,000 square feet, placed between Panera Bread and McDonalds on Tiffin Avenue.

  When Chick-fil-a opened the wait was 1-2 hours, they were packed and the line was out the door! Findlay is coming up, getting new restaurants and stores. Hopefully students get to Chick-fil-a and see their own opinions on it.

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