Club of the week: Books and Brownies

   Books and Brownies is a book club that meets once a month and talks about the book they are reading while eating a brownie. They meet after school once a month in the Findlay High School library.

   Students who are involved choose what they read then share about what they are reading, and explain the story and their opinions on the book. “We read, meet once a month, then explain the book you’re reading and eat brownies at the end.” Mrs. Brasfield explained how books and brownies works.

   It’s simple on how to get in and join the club. You get into books and brownies by coming into the library after school on scheduled meetings. “You come in and introduce yourself, enjoy yourself and explain your book.” Mrs. Brasfield said.

   Books and brownies is creative because you don’t get assigned a book, you choose what you read and explain your point of view on the story.

   Findlay High School has many different clubs, students can join to see if they would like to make that a priority to them. It’s easy to get in, and students are very accepted in books and brownies. If students enjoy to read, eat brownies or even to make friends, join books and brownies!


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