Avengers Infinity War Trailer Analysis

     The long awaited Avengers: Infinity War trailer finally was released on November 29 on Good Morning America. Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan was the lucky cast member to be interviewed and show off the trailer.

       The trailer opens up with several Avengers members quoting pieces of Nick Fury’s Avenger Initiative speech. The scenes flashing behind the speech are a distraught looking Tony Stark, Bruce Banner crashing into Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum with Strange and Wong looking over him, Scarlet Witch and Vision, who is disguised as a human, appear in an undisclosed location, Thor in what appears to be the Milano and Banner and Black Widow in Wakanda. The trailer then cuts to Marvel’s logo sequence. The next shot shows Stark joining Wong, Strange and Banner at the Sanctum with a voice-over by Thanos himself. Spider-Man’s signature Spidey-sense has alerted him of danger, the danger being some sort of flying loop that is shown tearing apart the building around it. In another scene what appears to be Ebony Maw is walking over dead bodies. Which is followed by Loki offering up the Tesseract, from The Avengers, to an unseen figure. We then get our first look at Thanos himself as he appears out of a portal. We also get our first look at Spider-Man’s “iron Spider” suit that was offered to him at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Black Panther is speaking during this sequence of scenes and says what seems to be the most quoted line from the trailer “Evacuate the city, Engage all defenses and get this man a shield.” The next scenes reveals Captain America in his “Nomad” suit and is followed by him catching the spear of the briefly seen Proxima Midnight. The Hulkbuster makes its reappearance in Wakanda. Thanos is shown choke slamming Spider-Man. Vision is getting the Mind Stone ripped from his forehead by Corvus Glaive. Iron Man is punched by Thanos and is thrown to the ground. The closing moments of the trailer show a massive battle taking place in Wakanda. Captain America, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Black Widow, Falcon, Hulk, War Machine, a member of the Dora Milaje, Black Panther’s security force, are involved and are seen running into battle. Black Panther villain M’Baku (Man-Ape) is also seen with the Wakandan forces. The final scene of the trailer is Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time.

      Fans have reacted to the trailer overwhelmingly. Everybody seems to love it and the hype for next year’s Marvel movies, Black Panther (February 16), Infinity War (May 4) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6) has only grown.

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