Gifts for Christmas!

What is the meaning of a gift to you?

The accurate definition of a gift is “something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance.

Gifts can show how a person thinks of you. If someone gets you a handmade -gift, or something you’ve been talking about and really want, it could mean you mean a lot to them and that they think of you.

This is what some students at FHS believe a gift is. Abbie Miles, a sophomore from FHS said: “Something special. Like something that you know they put effort into or something you know that they really tried on. Knowing they thought of you is sweet. Even if it’s not your favorite or it’s not what you wanted specifically, they still put effort and thought into it. It’s the love and thought that counts in my opinion.” Jacob Collins, a freshman from FHS said: “ A gift to me is something that means a lot, handmade or store bought.” Another freshman from FHS said: “It means someone loves me or thinks about me.”

Many people don’t think about how much thought and time someone put in for a gift for you. A gift could symbolize so much more than just something they got you. So next time someone gets you a gift, think about how much effort and time they put into it rather than the money they put in. Whether it’s your family or friend, appreciate it and be thankful for the person who got it for you.


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