Senior Parking

Earlier this year, it was announced that Findlay High School would be allowing seniors to reserve spots in the student parking lot.

 Each spot was $20, and students who reserved a spot for the year go to decorate and paint there spots, with a $5 fine for parking in anyone’s spot. Over 60 spots were sold and over $1200 dollars were raised.

 The project, organized by FHS senior Madison Faulkner, benefited cancer research project she started called the Multiple Myeloma Project. This fundraiser put their total at over $5000.

 “I was ecstatic about raising that much and everyone who participated loved doing it.” Madison said.

 It also gave seniors the chance to shorten their walk in the morning as senior Matt Lichtinger said, “I didn’t want to walk as far and thought it supported a good cause.”

 Matt also said that he would be painting his spot something American, “because I love America.”

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