Surviving the Grad Party

Dress for the Occasion

  1. Dress nicely, but make sure to be comfortable! There may be a lot of walking around to socialize.

The Gift

2. If you plan on eating food offered at the party, definitely make sure to bring a gift. Five dollars in a card will do!

No Dining and Dashing!

3. Whatever you do, don’t go straight for the food when you arrive. That’s rude! Find the grad first and say congrats.

Party with a Buddy

4. Going with a group of friends can sometimes be easier, just in case you don’t know anyone at the party except for the grad.

Red as a Lobster

5. Wear sunscreen! Most parties are held outside in the scolding sun, the last thing you want is a sunburn!


6. Stay at the party for at LEAST 30 minutes.

Quick Congrats

7. Don’t feel obligated to talk to the grad the whole time- they will have PLENTY of people to talk to.

Be Polite

8. If you aren’t familiar with the hosts (usually the parents), at least thank the grad and congratulate them one last time before leaving.

Take it Easy

9. Lastly, if there are multiple parties in the same day, you do not need to attend every one of them just because you were invited. They will have plenty of guests. If you’re having trouble picking, choose the closest friend first.

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