On the brink of Madness

Starting on March 15, the yearly NCAA Men’s basketball March Madness tournament will begin. The tournament is a yearly spectacle that many people will devote all of their free time to watching all the games they can. This year is even more special than any recent tournament due to the fact that there isn’t really a team that is an obvious front runner. With the tournament ready to begin, many are getting their brackets ready.

Last year, the Duke Blue Devils were the champions; giving coach Mike Krzyzewski his fifth national championship. The Blue Devils have been struggling this year to even stay as a ranked team, because they have lost key players due to injury and hard loses in the final seconds of the game. With the team right now struggling to even stay at the top, they are not a favorite to win the tournament.

The favorite this year to win the tournament is Kansas. They are performing well above other teams levels, they’re ranked number one and have a famous basketball program that has won the tournament in situations like this before. With their great line-up of all around great players defiantly helps put them in the driver’s seat going in the tournament.

There are also two Big Ten teams that are given great odds to win the tournament. Indiana and Michigan State are performing exceptionally well this season. Both teams are highly ranked, both being in the top 15. Indiana, ranked 12, is considered an underdog going into the tournament, while Michigan State, ranked 2, is favorite; ranked only behind Kansas. Both teams have a great line-up of seniors that will definitely help them a lot in the tournament.

With less than a week left until the tournament begins, college sports fans are excited to see what will happen this month

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