New Musical Hits the Stage

Millions of people in the United States see musical productions every year, either off or on Broadway. Starting at the end of March, there will be a new show for people to enjoy. Based off of the 2007 movie “Waitress,” the musical is already looking like a hit.

The musical first premiered in Cambridge, Massachusetts in August of 2015. The Broadway show will feature a different cast, with the lead being Jessie Mueller, who is best known for her role in Carousel as Carrie Pipperidge.

One reason for the musical’s premature popularity is pop singer Sara Bareilles’ involvement. Bareilles wrote the music and lyrics for the musical, and released an album of herself singing the production’s songs this past November. The album did very well, and even landed a spot at number 10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Chart.

The musical’s story revolves around Jenna, a waitress in a southern town who is trapped in a loveless marriage. Not far into the story, she finds out she is pregnant and she falls in love with her doctor. The rest of the plot revolves around both of her love affairs and how she handles accepting the reality of having a child.

The album’s first single, “She Used to be Mine,” received praise from multiple sources, including Entertainment Weekly, who called the song “delicate, nostalgic, and wonderfully theatrical.”

The musical is packed full of other potential Broadway hits, including songs like the upbeat and comical “When He Sees Me” and the clever “I Didn’t Plan It.”

It is a great idea to pick up Sara Bareilles’ album of songs from Waitress if you don’t want to wait until March or April to experience a great new musical like this one.

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