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As spring break is approaching and people are planning vacations for spring and summer, it might be hard to decide where to travel. Some places are more fun and interesting, like theme parks, while other places are more relaxing, like a small beach. When deciding where to go, here are a few places that might catch your eyes..

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake – between Polson and Kalispell, Montana
Flathead Lake in Montana is 200 square miles of crystal clear water along with 185 miles of beach along it. The lake is used for swimming, boating, waterskiing, fishing, and relaxing on top of the clear water. While at Flathead Lake, you will always be able to see the wildlife around you.

Oahu, Hawaii
Although the flight(s) may be long, once you get there you will realize it was worth the wait. The weather in the summer is very warm, but you have the option of playing in the ocean all day, which will definitely keep you cool. A popular attraction in Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor Memorial, where you can take a boat out to the actual memorial in the water. Other options for activities include taking surfing lessons, shopping, playing/watching beach volleyball, or snorkeling at the beautiful Hanuman Bay.
In Oahu, the weather was very hot, but it rained for a short amount of time each day, which cooled the air a little bit. Walking to dinner at night was very nice, the weather wasn’t as hot as it had been earlier. A restaurant I went to a few times was Jimmy Buffet’s, which was a few blocks from my hotel. The decorations there are really nice and the food was very good. My favorite thing to do was either sit by the beach or go sightseeing, especially seeing Hanuman Bay.


Siesta Key, Florida
A place just as relaxing to go with a shorter flight than Hawaii is Siesta Key in Florida, one of the top ranked beaches in the United States. There are many other things to do besides sit by the beach all day. You can go to a spa for the day, go out to eat for any meal, go hiking or biking, or go shopping. If you aren’t afraid of heights and want to try something new, you can even go parasailing. On Sunday evenings at Siesta Key Public Beach, as the sun is setting, you can join others on the beach and listen to the Siesta Key Drum Circle. It starts a little bit before the sun starts to set and goes on for hours after the sun is no longer in sight.
While in Siesta Key, I really enjoyed laying on the beach every day and sometimes getting in the ocean. The water was cool but it felt good after sitting out in the heat. I also played a few games of beach volleyball and that was very fun.

New York, New York
New York is a big city, which means big crowds of people. Times Square and the Empire State Building are mostly always crowded. There are other things to do around NYC besides hang around the crowded areas, like take a walk in Central Park, go see a play, or take carriage rides around the city. Pizza is New York’s specialty, it’s so good that you’ll want to eat it for every meal. If you don’t like pizza, though, there are many restaurants to sit down at, big and small. After you eat, you should visit Carlo’s Bakery. It isn’t the actual bakery from The Cake Boss show, but they still serve delicious cupcakes and cookies. The best time to be out is at night, at the Empire State Building, and especially in Times Square. The lights make it seem like it’s still daytime outside, plus there are many different stores to visit, like the M&M or Hershey’s store.
While there, it was very crowded and a lot of people were rushing around, bumping into other people. I was everywhere because traffic was so crazy it was probably faster to walk. Some areas smelled bad, but others were nice and calm, like Central Park. I also saw a lot of dogs while there, so that is definitely a plus. All the food I had was delicious and I think I worked it all off while I was walking. The only bad things were the smells and the crowds, especially at the top of the Empire State Building because everyone was so close together.

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