Made in the A.M. Review

“It’s inevitable that everything good comes to an end,” sings Liam Payne  on “Love You Goodbye,” a wistful song from the One Direction’s fifth album, “Made In The A.M.”

The tune is about a romance’s demise but the quartet, this is their first album since former band member Zayn Malik’s departure back in March of this year. Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry are still going strong as every. Since their first album ,2012’s “Up All Night”, the band has gone non stop putting out chart topping albums, reliably delivered every November, to sold – out stadium tours with little down time in-between.

“Hey Angel” kicks the album out like most of One Direction’s previous albums. It is a loud opener,that certainly grabs the listener’s attention. “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” were already released as singles earlier this year. And while the “Drag Me Down” music video was kind of fun the “Perfect” music video gives masterful sketch of the boys outside of music. “Infinity” was released to fans earlier before as well.

“End of the Day” is such a fun, and energetic song mostly because of the switch in sound between the verse and chorus; but in the end it’ll have you banging your fists just in time with it and singing the chorus. “If I Could Fly”, is a emotional/vulnerable song is written so well by Harry Styles. The emotion coming from the boys’ voice will have you in tears. “Long Way Down” has a quick series of notes very similar to Train’s “Drop of Jupiter”.

“Never Enough” is like “Act My Age” of this album. The song has a funky sound that will make you singing and dancing in the mirror while no one’s watching. Too much never really enough when it comes to this song. “Olivia” has been a huge favorite of the album, written by Harry Styles. Imagination and play on words only Styles would think of as sneaky. (Olivia = I love you) , very sneaky Harry.

“Love You Goodbye” and “I Want To Write You A Song” are somewhat similar as they are both filled with so passion like the others. “Love You Goodbye” is like the end of a wild relationship where you fell so fast and hard but you both are waking up now, and “I Want To Write You A Song” is the only song on the album that did not have one of the boys’ working on it.

One Direction’s other songs “Temporary Fix”, “Walking In The Wind”, “Wolves”, and “A.M.” are perfect they bring the album to an end.  “Made In The A.M.” is understandably One Direction’s best album. The boys in the band have grown in their five years together and it shows in every song on the album. “Made In The A.M.” is an ending and a goodbye or some sorts, but it’s certainly not the end.

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