A case for less conventional higher education

College has become a highly competitive environment in terms of admission. We all are aware of the kids striving to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers who battle to get into Ivy leagues and other prestigious universities. It’s on a rare occasion that we acknowledge the struggles of those kids striving to study fine arts, design, or film.

The job market for creative careers is highly competitive. Employers seek out the best of the best in their craft and prefer those who have studied at an accredited and respected university. In order to gain acceptance into one of these high ranked art and design schools, potential students must not only show excellence in their academic work, but also display abundant creative potential.

Most art and design schools require students to submit a portfolio showcasing artistic works in addition to standardized test scores and transcripts. The admission decision is so heavily weighted on the committee’s opinion of the work presented in a student’s formal portfolio. Potential applicants devote tremendous time and effort into compiling an admission worthy portfolio.

Their is a broad spectrum of artistic studies ranging from video game design to fine arts. Some of the top schools in the nation include Parsons The New School for Design, The Pratt Institute, The Rhode Island School of Design, The Savannah College of Art and Design, The Columbus College of Art and Design, and The Maryland College of Art and Design. Most of these schools require students to complete foundation studies in art history, basic design, and color theory to give them a strong background in the arts before progressing into their major specific courses.

Once accepted into a high level design or art school, the actual courses of study are extremely rigorous. Although often times the classes aren’t what one would traditionally expect, they are challenging to students and require serious time commitments and devotion. Many people often overlook the talent and hard work that go into studying majors of this nature.

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