Fashion Frenzy

‘Tis the season for airing new shows. Everyone looks forward to a new season of their favorite show or a new series that has caught their eye. One new show for fashion lovers called Project Runway Junior. Project Runway has been a successful show, and now they are giving kids a chance to participate in the fun.

During this season of Project Runway Junior, a group of twelve diverse teens ages 13-17 from different places (two originating from Ohio) will show off their unique design aesthetic. In the first episode, they were greeted by host and model Hannah Davis and their mentor for the season Tim Gunn. They began by seeking inspiration, such as the New York City skyline. They are allowed to snap photos of the buildings or streets with their cell phones so they can have their inspiration near them at all times. Then, they were provided with sketch pads and spent some time planning out their detailed and complex designs for their garments. Once their time is up, mentor Tim Gunn told them that the next day they will begin to construct their garments.

The next day, they traveled to Mood Fabrics where they are given $200 to spend on fabrics of all different colors and materials. They were only given a short amount of time to find out the prices of the fabrics, how many yards of it they would like to purchase, and repeat until they have all they need. Once they were done shopping, they began constructing. Tim Gunn told them to be fearless, and they followed his advice by using velvet fabric, bright reds, pinks, and different textures. They were given varying amounts of time, depending on the day, to complete their look. They must make sure it fits the model. If it doesn’t they must tear apart what doesn’t fit and start over.

Once the designers are completely finished, they present their pieces to the judges, fashion designer Christian Siriano, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine writer Aya Kinai, and Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne. After the models strut down the runway, the judges critique each design. The best designers will be safe, but the bottom designer must pack their bags and return home.

This repeats each week until a champion is crowned. The winner will receive $25,000, a full ride to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a feature in Seventeen magazine, and their very own home studio. Project Runway Junior air on Lifetime each Thursday night at 9:00.

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