Blue and Gold’s Furry Friends


  • Bailey’s chameleon is named Cam. He’s very interesting to have as a pet. He is a freaky eater and avid climber.

claire 2claire

  • Claire’s cat is named Pebbles and she is 8. Her dog is named Molli and she’s cute but a pain.


  • Kaitlyn’s dog is a 10-year- old boxer named Kelly. She loves sleeping and she likes to stick her tongue out.

  • Kayla’s dog is named Caramel and she likes attention.

meg 1  meg 3JPG

  • Meghan’s cats, Puma and Bootie, are both stray and they found her. Her dog Azzy is15-years-old and is her best bud.

tim 1 tim 2

  • Tim’s dog Cassie is a mini schnauzer. His brown cat is named Snickers and his other cat is named Saddie. Snickers is Tim’s favorite because she has grown up with him.

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