Junior Statesmen of America

Junior Statesman of America is a group that volunteers to raise money for people in Tanzania. The group raises money by doing stadium cleanups, selling mall booklets, and Rake and Take. On November 7 and 14, members went to 24 houses to rake leaves around Findlay for a donation. In years past, JSA has raised money to build a school, a maternity ward and buy mosquito nets for those in Tanzania. This year, the group is raising money to help build a greenhouse for inmates.

Besides raising money, the group has debates and discussions about local, national, and world issues. This allows members to be informed about what is going on in the world around them and it gives them a chance to see what other people think. Earlier this year, Dr. Robert Alexander came in to talk to the group about the Electoral College. Students asked questions and learned about what the Electoral College does.

Through JSA, you can meet new people, learn about pressing issues, volunteer and expand your mind.

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