A look at Thanksgiving Traditions

Even though Christmas music is starting to take over everybody’s car radio, it’s not time for Christmas just yet. Before Christmas comes Thanksgiving, and even though the holiday doesn’t usually consist of gift-giving and caroling, many Findlay High School students have Thanksgiving traditions of their own.

Sophomores Emily Cairns and Joran Fuller always run the Turkey Trot – a 5k marathon held on Thanksgiving Day. “My dad and I get up on Thanksgiving to run the race at 9 a.m.,” Fuller said. “We do it every year!”Instead of doing actual exercise, some people prefer to just watch other people burn calories.

“Most of my family watches football on Thanksgiving,” Junior Duncan Longberry said. “The ones who don’t help out with the cooking. We make a ton of food!”

Millions of people share Longberry’s food tradition. Having a large, delicious meal with family and friends seems to be the most common Thanksgiving trend among Findlay students – and most of America. In fact, 88% of Americans cook and eat a turkey – the staple Thanksgiving food – to celebrate the holiday.

No matter what you do to celebrate Thanksgiving, remember what the holiday is really about; being thankful for what and who you have.

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