Is ISIS to blame?

A big topic of discussion lately has been the crash of Metro jet Flight 9268. The crash killed a total of 224 people. Officials do not know the exact cause of the crash, but they do have some ideas, one being that there was a bomb inside the plane.

Another possible cause of the crash was a ground to air missile, but that was quickly ruled out because there was no trace of a missile trail. If it had been a missile, the damage would’ve been much worse and more obvious. There was also talk of engine failure, which would involve blades in the turbine breaking free before puncturing part of the aircraft; causing a fire to breakout. One other theory was structural damage to the plane after it had been repaired due to another incident with the A321 in 2001 when the tail of the plane hit the tarmac during landing.

A potential cause of the crash is terrorism. A suspected group is Sinai Province, who are based in northeastern Egypt and are affiliated with ISIS. Sinai Province have said not once, but twice, that they are the cause of the crash. They claimed God helped them bring down the aircraft, but they will not reveal how they tore the plane from the sky. The most likely weapon used was a bomb.

A lot of research and inspection has taken place so far, but an important piece of the evidence is the recording from the cockpit. While listening to the recording, an audible explosion was heard.
The flight data recorder indicates the explosion was on purpose. The head of investigation, Muquddam, does not agree with these claims, saying the crash could’ve been caused by mechanical issues or just bad weather.

Many people wait for the true cause of the crash to be found. After days of investigating, it feels like they are getting no closer to a conclusion. Maybe they know something we don’t, or maybe there is not enough evidence to prove what really caused this event. Everyone has their guess, either ISIS, a mechanical problem, or apparently bad weather. Hopefully as the investigators go more in depth with the evidence, people will soon know what the real cause was.

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