Benefits of being a Boinger

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The award-winning, show choir Findlay First Edition, more commonly known as FFE, has been singing and dancing since 1984. Musically assisting the performers are the Boingers. The Boingers are filled with talented musicians and there is a wide variety instruments that fill up the group. There are trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and in the rhythm section, guitars, electric bass, drums, and piano. The Boingers are all under the direction of Alycia Althaus.

“I joined the Boingers in the beginning of my junior year,” senior, Rachelle Crow said. “My first year I played the violin and the piano. This year we no longer have a string section, so I only play the piano.” Crow said.

Crow shared how joining The Boingers has been rewarding.

“Being apart of the rhythm section has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much about music and about myself as a person. I’ve also made great friends along the way.”

Junior Austin Hamilton has also shared his enjoyment on being a part of FFE.

“I’ve made many friends that will also be life long friends,” Hamilton said. “I first started in 2014, and I play lead guitar. FFE overall has been a great experience. It has taught me many life lessons and given me a great work ethic to live by. It has also broadened my music taste considering I play exclusively rock in my band Null Set. FFE has been one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve been apart of.”

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