No thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be ranked number two on the list of America’s favorite holidays, but it also seems to be the most over looked holiday during the fall and winter season.

In the consumer and marketing world it’s very obvious how Halloween and Christmas overshadow Thanksgiving. When November first rolls around all the Halloween decorations and costumes are cleared out and moved to clearance, to be replaced with tinsel and wrapping paper. Thanksgiving is also overshadowed by the unofficial holiday, Black Friday. The marketing industry starts advertisements for the consumer holiday weeks before Thanksgiving. Almost all ads for stores on Black Friday advertise their products as gifts for Christmas, which again skips over the season of being thankful forward to the mistletoe season.

The average household spends $56.18 on their Thanksgiving meal, according to, which isn’t too shabby. But compared to the Black Friday sales it seems minor. The average spent per person on Black Friday was $390.95 in 2014.

Thanksgiving isn’t a particularly expensive holiday and it’s not supposed to be. It’s about being thankful not greedy. However,, predicts that 25.6 million people, based on previous years statistics, will be shopping on Thanksgiving day. It seems crazy that 45 percent of people plan to end their Thanksgiving meal and festivities early to go out and shop.

Even stores themselves realize how crazy it is. Multiple chain retail stores have announced and pledged to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2016. These stores include: Costco, TJ-Maxx, Joann, Game Stop, Staples, True Value, Half Price Books, P.C Richard & Sons, REI, and Sam’s Club.

REI is going as far ads to pay their employees to take Thanksgiving and Black Friday off to go outside and be with their families. “While the rest of the world is fighting it out in the aisles, we hope to see you in the great outdoors.” REI said earlier this month in an email.

While you may not spend your Thanksgiving holiday outside, we shouldn’t turn a holiday about giving back and being thankful into a day to get the best deals. It’s good to see that perhaps not all focus on Thanksgiving has been lost. The shadow over Thanksgiving may stop if it wasn’t surrounded by such retail based holidays.

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