Youtube is Red-y for a big change

Last week YouTube introduced a brand new service called YouTube Red. The service essentially removes all advertisements from the website, most notably the commercials that play before videos. There’s only one catch; it costs $10 per month. Is watching videos without interruptions worth the money?     Despite the price, there are some bonuses to signing up for YouTube Red.In addition to an ad-free website, YouTube Red members also have access to offline videos, similar to a perk of some music streaming apps like Spotify.

Members of YouTube Red will also have the option to hear audio from video while using separate apps on their phone. In addition to this, members will also be given a Google Play; a popular music streaming program with their $10 payment.

Not only does YouTube Red come without ads, but it includes the benefits of offline video-viewing, mobile background play, and even a subscription to a music streaming application. Even with the payment of $10 a month, YouTube Red sounds like an incredible deal to me.

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