14 Signs You’re Infected with Senioritis


1. Your outfits gradually stop being cute and you start looking more like a slightly homeless, between midlife crises, and legging addicted woman.
2. You rely strictly on your 47 minute study hall to get your 2 hours worth of homework done.
3. You care more about planning your senior spring break trip than planning an outline for your essay.

4. You experience short-term memory loss when it comes to remembering homework due dates.

5. It takes 3 alarms, 2 cups of coffee and your mom yelling “you’re going to be late” to get you out the door for school in the morning.

6. You spend most of your nights binge eating cookie dough, crying and worrying that you wont be accepted into college and you’ll be stuck in high school forever.

7. Lately, it seems like your hand has been super glued to the TV remote instead of a pencil to get your homework done.

8. Shaking it off whenever you get a bad grade because hey it’s senior year.  Then later crying about it two weeks later when you realize you have to apply to college with those grades.

9. Giving -20000% effort because you’ve already been accepted into college.

10. You slowly start unfollowing all the people you pity followed and secretly hate from your school on social media because you’re outta here in 4 months.

11. You stop trying to act like you’re paying attention in class and obviously text and take naps in the front row of class.

12. You no longer care what people think of you because you’re a senior and seniors rule and any underclassmen who tries to oppose you is toast by the international grade ranking of high school.

13. You procrastinate everything until it’s 1am the night before and you’re 3 bottles deep into 5-Hour Energy.

14. You look back and wonder if you made the most of your high school experience and then realize you don’t really care if you did or didn’t, you just want to leave.

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