2016 Elections Coming Near

As the 2016 political Presidential race is heating up, students and teachers have started to form their opinions on who they want to be the next president of the United States.

Physics teacher Tim Opp wants a conservative to win the election.

“I don’t want a liberal. They have caused the problems we have today.” Opp said.

Social Studies teacher Jim Rucki is still unsure about who he wants to win the election. But he is sure of one thing,

“I don’t want Hillary. I don’t trust her.” Rucki said.

Librarian Dawn Rose doesn’t think Donald Trump fits the bill for the presidency.

“I don’t want Donald Trump because he is obnoxious and I don’t what he is planning to do when he is president.” Rose said.

Head librarian Amanda Brasfeild wants Bernie Sanders to be the next president.

“He stands up for the poor, I would not want Trump because I disagree with his idea of building the wall so immigrants can no longer come in the U.S.” Brasfield said.

Senior Patrick “Pat” Breen is also pulling for Bernie Sanders.

“I would like Bernie be the next president because he is planning on cutting college tuition He has little net wealth and he is a supporter of gay rights.” Breen said.

People have different opinions on who they want to be the next President. It’ll be interesting to see which candidate comes out on top.

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