Trump Has Been Trumped

Many people have been following the presidential election trying to decide who they should vote for. One of the popular candidates is Donald Trump. The republican has a large support base, but many people have also been showing support for Ben Carson, another candidate in the running. Carson is very humble and has said society’s duty is to encourage kids to live up to their full potential instead of bringing them down. His ideals has caused Trump’s poll standings to fall.

Carson has a 24% support base while Trump is at 17% followed by Marco Rubio with 11%. Trump began September at 30% of the popular vote but by the end of the month it dove to 23%. This may be because Ben Carson has produced more concrete ideas and has seemed more trustworthy than Trump. Due to these ideals, Carson has risen from 16% at the end of September.

Donald Trump was confident that even though he has fallen 7% quickly, he will be able to get the votes back. Now, he’s not so sure. He said if his poll numbers fall and he has no chance to win the election, he may drop out. This may not be believable, but all the voters will have to wait and find out.

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