Leader of the Catholic Church Meets Leader of the Free World

Photo Credit: theprogressivecatolicvoice
Photo Credit: theprogressivecatolicvoice.com

Pope Francis arrived in the United States for the first time since he was elected on Tuesday, September 22.

Immediately after arriving in Washington, D.C. the Pope was greeted by the first family.  After exchanging hellos and shaking hands with them, the Pope left in a small, black Fiat 500L and headed to the Apostolic Nunciature, the office of the Catholic Church near D.C.

The visit lasted for six days. In addition to the nation’s capital, Francis visited Philadelphia and New York.  He made various public appearances  and gave speeches.  At one point during his visit, Pope Francis plead for mercy to stop the execution of Kelly Renee Gissendaner who was the first woman executed in over 70 years in Georgia.

The Pope’s historic tour is meant to introduce the idea “church of the poor” to the United States, a country of extreme wealth and power. Pope Francis wants to remind Americans that their Christian duty is to serve the poor.

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