Stars on the rise

The 2015-2016 competition show for Findlay First Edition show choir is under way and will soon be revealed. After having a season that included three Grand Championship titles and winning fourth place overall in the nation; the show choir is excited and is preparing to start competing. Coming off of a successful season last year has put pressure on the group to stay on top.

“Our biggest competitor this season is ourselves.” Director Kevin Manley said.Each member is reminded what it takes to be on top and the work that is to come to stay there.

Jenna Kreinbrink explains how the group members are working together to make it the best year in FFE history.  “Considering the group’s dynamic I have witnessed so early in the season, I’m certain to see the group’s success in anything we strive to achieve.” Kreinbrink said.

This season, you can expect to see dance brakes, beautiful ball gowns, amazing music, and all the glitz and glam on stage for its 31st year in a row. Unlike previous years, this year’s competition show has the loose theme of “stars”. Whether they’re on the red carpet or up in the sky, all members are eager to get back on stage and shine.

This year, FFE will be competing in five major state competitions leading up to the Fame national competition in Chicago this spring. Between competitions and practices,  FFE will perform local shows for the community throughout the year. Dates and locations of the performances are listed on the FFE website at We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming season and hope they live up to the name they have earned.

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