The Day the World Stopped Turning

Fourteen years ago today, an event happened that would forever change the way we operate in the United States. Most people can recall the two planes crashing into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York, but people seem to forget that there were also two other attacks.

On that same day, a plane crashed into The Pentagon and 40 passengers died trying to overtake a plane that was hijacked by terrorists on its way to Washington D.C. and crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

Even though these acts of terrorism are over a decade old, Americans still feel the effects of 9/11 today.

“We now live with greater vigilance. Our definition of freedom has changed forever” Physics teacher Tim Opp said.

When tragedy strikes, people remember where they were when they heard the news.

“I was at school. I remember I was screening what was happening before I showed it to the students.”

Since the attacks, security has been heightened in airports, the size of our military has grown immensely and we’ve been in an ongoing war with Iraq since 2003.

“September 11 is a day that Americans will never forget. Our everyday lives have changed because of it.”

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