Classics puts new spin on classic songs

she and him classicsAlbum: Classics

Artist: She & Him

Sound: Indie rock/ folk

Why buy it: She & Him’s Classics is an arrangement of classic songs covered by artists Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. Although none of the material is original, the duo puts their own original spin on every song, making it something unique and different from the original. The songs’ original artists span from Frank Sinatra (Time After Time), to Carole King (Oh No, Not My Baby). Deschanel’s voice is a perfect match for the retro-themed album. The electric guitar added by M. Ward in songs like Stay Awhile adds an unusual element to the otherwise simple songs, giving them a fuller, distinctive sound. A few of the songs, however, seem to get lost in the middle—in areas where the duo has tried to alter the song to fit their individual style. But, overall, the album is a bright new take on songs by our favorite artists from yesteryear.

Download this: Time After Time

Rating: ★★★

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