Findlay First Edition takes First Runner-up at Ada Music Feast

(Above photo: In addition to its performance in Ada, FFE also hosted and performed at Fall FEst earlier this year.)

FFE competed at the 37th Annual Ada Music Feast on November 8th. The group accomplished many things, and received First Runner-up at the competition. The First Edition also received several other caption awards, making the day well-rounded and filled with dedication from the group.

“I feel we did pretty well in Ada, but we could have done better on certain things we knew how to fix already,” junior Kelton Young said. “As a group we work well together, and with some more hard work we’ll go very far this year.”

FFE also won the following caption awards: Overall Best Instrumental Combo, Overall Best Show Concept, Overall Best Tech Crew, Runner-Up Class AA, Overall Best Female Vocalist (Gabbi Calvert), Best Instrumental Combo Class AA, Most Dynamic Performer (Devan Kline).

Photo by Tess Marshall

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