Fury is memorable, ultimately fails to overcome Hollywood’s pitfalls

Title: Fury

Starring: Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal.

Fury Cutout
Image Source: imdb.com

Plot: An American tank crew faces tough odds as they fight behind German lines at the end of WWII.

Review: On the surface, Fury is a gripping war movie that presents an interesting portrayal of the often overlooked aspect of WWII era tank-warfare.  Fury is not afraid to show the gruesome reality of total war and the physical and mental effects it has on those caught in the crossfire. One of Fury’s most interesting aspects is its examination of the ability that war has to change people and completely gut them of any former sense of morality.  Fury’s main failing point is that it very often lacks a sense of realism when it comes to moments of battle.  With the exception of a phenomenal scene in which a superior German tank faces off several lesser American tanks, the German’s are largely portrayed as unintelligent and incompetent soldiers.  To portray the German’s like this is not only unrealistic,  but it also dilutes the sacrifice American soldiers made to defeat an enemy as formidable as the Germans.   As a result of this inaccurate portrayal, Fury is occasionally burdened with unrealistic and indulgent battle scenes.  Overall, Fury is a memorable and enthralling movie but is unfortunately unable to escape certain unoriginal, Hollywood pitfalls.

Rating: ★★★


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