The Kooks shine despite abysmal opening acts

Tour name: Listen

Headliner: Priory, Halsey

Artist: The Kooks

Venue: Newport Music Hall

Why you should see this artist: While The Kooks are an indie band, I was not expecting such a small, intimate venue. Although the amount of people stuffed into the tiny music hall may have been a fire hazard, it was definitely worth it. The crowd eagerly waited for the show to begin, when the opening act took the stage. I can honestly say I was bored and unexcited. Priory, the first act, was a very electronic-based band that sang about their love for the weekend and getting paid. I was left irked by this band and their vapid lyrics. After this, when I thought The Kooks would finally make an appearance, another opening band took the stage. This was a band called Halsey, which consisted of one female lead singer and a backup band. While I really tried to like this artist, I couldn’t muster up the energy. They had one or two original songs, with a ridiculous amount of covers that seemed to go on and on. Halsey Taylor, the lead singer, spent a long time rambling on and on about the “new generation”, being “different” and not conforming to society. While I appreciated her energy, her approach to the audience was cliché, over the top and annoying. Finally, after hours of waiting, The Kooks finally made their way onto stage. This is when I felt like the concert truly began. As the type of fan that knows every word to every song, I had so much fun. It was unreal to be so up close and personal with the band. While The Kooks played a lot of their new songs, they also stuck with many of their fan favorites. The set was exciting and well balanced. Luke Pritchard, the front man of the band, truly gave it his all. While there were a few “antics” that the group pulled, they mostly stuck to performing their music to the best of their abilities. The music was authentic, and all of the members of the group gave a great show. The Kooks were so good, that they almost made me forget about the opening acts.

Rating (Out of five stars): ★★★

Photo by Tess Marshall


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