Taylor Swift shows new pop style in 1989

Album:  1989Taylor-Swift-1989-300x300

Artist:  Taylor Swift

Sound: Electropop, technopop

Why buy it: Swift strays from her past country-pop style – 1989 is an entirely pop album. 1989 shows a more casual side of her, with lyrics that aren’t as meaningful or in heartfelt detail as those previously seen on her last album Red. Swift experimented with many new singing styles and leaves behind her signature acoustic guitar sound. In Wildest Dreams, it seems like she aims for the swoon and “bad boy romance” that Lana Del Rey portrays. Whereas, Bad Blood slightly resembles Avril Lavigne’s distinctive “pop punk” style. Overall, this is a catchy album and a good listen just because it is so different from anything else Swift has produced.

Download This: Blank Space

Grade: ★★★

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