San Francisco Giants prevail in World Series

Both the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants came off extremely successful seasons going into game one of the World Series. The Giants earned an 88-74 record, and the Royals finished only slightly better with a record of 89-73. The Giants’ successes continued as they began their quest for the pennant, obtaining a three run lead before the Royals even took the plate in game one. San Francisco’s pitcher, Madison Bumagrner, was on fire, pitching seven solid innings and allowing only one run.

After falling short in game one, Kansas City was able to even out the standings, coming back with a win in game two. After breaking a 2-2 tie that stood until the sixth inning, the Royals were able to run the score up to 7-2 during the final portion of the game. Kansas City bagged another consecutive win in game three when they prevailed over the Giants by one run.

The Giants were able to even the board once again when they defeated the Royals and held a seven run lead in game four. In game five the Giants took over the lead in the series when they shut out the Royals 5-0.

Kansas City was able to force a seventh game when they turned the tables on the Giants, winning with a ten run shut out. However their efforts to capture the pennant fell short as the Giants were came back with a win in the final game and prevailed as the 2014 World Series champions.

The Giants were led to victory by pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who was named MVP and holds the career lowest ERA in world series history at 2.5. Bumgarner also pitched more innings post season than any pitcher in history. The Royals were able to seize the series with an impressive one man rotation, gaining the lead in the fourth inning and maintaining it through the remainder of the game. The San Francisco franchise is certainly on hot streak, this being their third World Series win in the past five seasons.

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